Thankful for the Drug-Free Communities Grant


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made our work to combat addiction even harder.

That’s why the Drug-Free Communities Grant Faith in Recovery just received will make a big difference as we continue to work to help those suffering from addiction.

I commend Senator Portman for his leadership on the Drug-Free Communities Act in the 1990s, and his continued advocacy for DFCs. He’s always been a champion in Congress for these programs which have a great track record of helping people like us fight addiction in Ohio and around the country.

That’s why I’m so glad he is continuing to support DFCs during this coronavirus pandemic with his Drug-Free Communities Pandemic Relief Act.

The COVID-19 shutdown has caused some DFCs to get hit with funding cuts, and this bill Senator Portman introduced will make sure they can continue to receive needed support from the federal government for the duration of this pandemic.

We’ve made so much progress these past few years in helping Ohio overcome the addiction crisis that’s affected countless families in our state. We can’t let the coronavirus cause us to lose ground in that fight.

Senator Portman’s Drug-Free Communities Pandemic Relief Act will help us continue to provide prevention and a community-level response to support those fighting addiction, and I urge congress to pass it soon.

Christina Blair

Planner for Community Action Commission