Corner of Hope: Gratitude during difficult times

By Dai Parsons - Contributing Columnist

Gratitude. Perspective. Hope. These are three simple words with relatively simple definitions. However, each one of these words has a powerful impact on our lives when genuinely felt, sometimes in the smallest of moments we did not see coming. When the world around us changes we can be reminded to be grateful for the people who have touched our lives. When the world around us changes it can give us more perspective in how we see others, and how our actions affect others. When the world changes around us we can give in to fear or we can see the power of hope which still lives in a world full of strangers caring for others, sometimes at the risk of their own health and well-being.

At the Second Chance Center of Hope we see gratitude in many ways. We are endlessly grateful every day for each dedicated volunteer who gives of their time to sort, cook, clean and who treat each client with respect and dignity. We are also grateful for each business, organization, member of our community and the Big Blue Bus, who have freely donated to us during this difficult time, so that we may continue to serve our community. At the Center of Hope we are blessed to see the moments of sincere gratitude on the faces of the people that leave here knowing they won’t be hungry that night. Just as importantly and meaningful, we are humbly grateful for all those that have come into our lives and for those souls that we may have been fortunate enough to have touched.

It is in difficult times, during these small moments, that can give a person a more mindful perspective in how we see those in the world around us, how we see those around the world. It is easy to make assumptions about people from what we see on the outside, as we have all done this, but seeing someone in a moment of vulnerability, getting to see what is behind the walls we all put up, discovering the rest of the story can deeply impact our original perspectives.

Volunteers and donors who spend time at the Center of Hope have experienced just such moments which have enlightened their perspectives and been forever etched on their hearts. While faced with difficult times that might stoke fear and challenge our community, our nation, our world, these thoughtful perspectives allow us to see how truly connected we are.

Hope also connects us in a shared faith of a brighter future. It is that small glimmer of light within each of us that shines from person to person until it radiates the world. At the Center of Hope we are blessed every day by the subtle glimmer of hope from each person that comes to us in need, and the warm glow of hope from every person who volunteers their kindness. It is our sincere hope that during these challenging times, our neighbors take care of one another, spread hope and kindness, and stay safe and healthy.

The Center of Hope is unfortunately unable to host previously planned events, however, we are committed to continuous service to our beloved community. For more information about our current services, including tax preparation, please get in contact with us at the following information.

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Chiquita Nash – Program Director

By Dai Parsons

Contributing Columnist