Deer Creek Daisies get crafty

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The Daisies enjoyed making this ornament.

The Daisies enjoyed making this ornament.

November was a good time to get together for fun and fellowship for the Deercreek Daisies. Many families gather and take time to “Give Thanks ” for the good fortune they have enjoyed over the year.

Marty Cook, Barbara Vance, and Judy Gentry hosted a pizza party for everyone as everyone shared how their garden was growing.

While fall is also a time to clean up the gardens and flower beds as their growth slows and stops, fall can be a time to consider what changes you might make for another year. Be sure to mark where bulbs were planted so you do not add other seeds or bulbs in the same area. Many fall bulbs can still be planted until the soil freezes.

Trimming rose canes down now is a good idea so they are not broken down by the wind and snow. A shallow trough can be dug and the plant/bush can be covered with dirt and mulch to protect against harsh winter temperatures.

It is also time to think of ways to brighten up the inside of your homes with some simple dried plants or colorful crafts. The Daisies choose to get crafty and make some ornaments for their homes. Judy Gentry lead the group in making the ornaments you see below. This pattern offers lots of room for variation – simply choose your own fabric colors, vary the spacing and you could have more layers.

These lovely quilted looking ornaments are made with folded fabric and no sewing.

You will need: one 3 in. Styrofoam ball,

ten 2.5”(inch) White or light colored Fabric squares,

Sixteen 2.5” med. hue Fabric squares,

Sixteen 2.5” Dark hue Fabric squares,

One 10” strip of 7/8 ” wide ribbon(match the center)

One 10” strip 1/8” wide contrasting ribbon or rickrack

1 Upholstery tidy pin

Approximately 170 straight pins

Judy explained how you make the ornaments. She showed how each square is folded in half and creased(with right side showing). A straight pin is pushed up thru the center of this fold. Then the right and left ends are folded down toward the center, at 45 degree angle, until the edges meet to form a triangle. Repeat this four times. Use the pin to place/fastened each of these, one at a time, to the Styrofoam ball. These will be side by side. Using four pins, place one in each edge of the triangle to pin it down. This method is used to fasten the next two rows, one at a time, onto the ball in layers.

More illustrations and directions can be found on the Internet to help you finish and make these beautiful folded fabric ornaments. Finished ball measures approximately three inches in diameter. Enjoy your creations!

The Daisies enjoyed making this ornament. Daisies enjoyed making this ornament.

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