Mrs. Eckles’ kindergarten class at Cherry Hill Primary

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How do you make Thanksgiving dinner?

Put flour on turkey. You put salt in the turkey and put it in the oven to get fat. You make macaroni and put cheese on it. Mashed potatoes and gravy and I think some chicken too. Cupcakes for dessert and cookies. That’s it. Happy Holiday!

Detrick A.

We cook and we eat and you eat it all and you get snack. You cook food in the oven. It has to be hot and you have to put ice on it to eat it. You have to play before you eat all the snacks on the table.

Liam H.

I would turn on the oven and cook the turkey. Put a little bit of salt on it and pepper. I would put it on the table. You get the mashed potatoes and put it in the microwave with butter. Put some gravy on the taters. Then get the mac-n-cheese out, add the cheese and cook it in the microwave! Then put the green beans in the oven, add pepper, also put the rolls in the oven and then you eat it!!! Then you drive home!!!

Kayliauna E.

Turkey in oven. Cut the turkey. Put doughnuts in bowl. Put French Fries in oven. Put cheese on potatoes and out on grill. Make bread stuff add cheese and butter, put in oven. Take pickles out of jar and cut it. Put corn on stove. Mix the cake and stir it. Put butte in it. Put the cake on the oven. Put corn candy in bowl. Put beans in pan. Add butter, put in oven. Put butter on the rolls. Bake the cupcakes purple and pink icing you put on cupcakes. Put the baking in the bowl then you stir the cookie then you bake it then put purple and pink icing on it. Then eat! Eat! Eat! Eat all of the food.

Faith D.

I bake my turkey and ham first. I make green bean casserole, chicken stuffing, mac & cheese. I make cream of corn bake, mashed potatoes. Then I make strawberry cheesecake, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. I put it on plates, sit them on the table. I say thank you and start eating. I put it in the sink, then eat our pies, then clean up!

Jacob S.

Turkey in the oven, mac ‘n cheese on the stove. Green beans on the stove. Corn on the stove. Family comes from your car

Addie B.

Buy food from store. Put potatoes in a pan. I don’t know. Maybe turn the oven on hot. Daddy puts turkey in a fryer thing. Mommy makes cookies

Brennah D.

You put the turkey in the oven. Then put mashed potatoes in a pan. Put them in the oven. Put the macaroni in a pan and put cheese in it and then cook it. Then eat with family and cousins. Then it’s done.

Corbin D.

I would hunt for turkey with Dan . Nana will bake it. Will have dressing, beans, mashed potatoes & gravy. Lots of yummy pies.

Marcos O.

First you make ham, turkey. Cook it in a pot and make it and stir it, put it in the oven and cook

Lillian D.

Pour water in the pan and then put in Mac ‘n Cheese, then milk, then butter, and then after that turn the stove off. Put the mac ‘n’ cheese in a bowl and then everyone can eat the mac ‘n’ cheese. Yay!!!

Orland C.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, and mac ‘n’ cheese and corn are what we eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Nammie makes rolls. Nana makes cookies. Nana makes the pumpkin pie.

Max P.

First you put the turkey in the pan and you bake it! And you put the casseroles in the pan and the macaroni and cheese in the pan and you put the pumpkin pie in the pan. That’s how you make Thanksgiving dinner.

Josie U.

Put the turkey in the oven and mashed potatoes in the microwave and some carne (meat) in the stove. We put the chicken in the deep fryer, and we have the macaroni on the stove and some ha goes on the stove.

Lauren J.

I want to make “Cream puff”. 1. Split the puffs in half. 2. Fill with white cream on the lower side. 3) Put strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and grapes on it 4) Replace the tops, and dust with confectioners’ sugar.

Hinako Y.

You put the turkey in the oven and you cook it for five minutes. Chips can go beside the turkey on the plate. Put the stuffing by the turkey and the chips in the middle. Get some cookies and put them into a separate plate. That’s it.

Kinzley S.

We have cookies, mac n’ cheese, apple pie, and turkey. At papaw’s house is where the apple pie is made. Daddy cooks turkey and I play with my little people. Daddy and mommy let me help boil the eggs for our dinner and crack the shells. I eat the eggs after they are cooked. My family sits down to eat and we watch movies on T.V. We also say what everyone is thankful for this year.

Olivia M.

You make cupcakes. You have to catch a turkey, put it on the stove, then eat it. Mommy makes mac & cheese and green beans. You put a pumpkin on the kitchen table and “splat” it to make pumpkin pie. We eat all the food with friends and family.

Austyn T.

Go buy turkey. Cook it in the oven on 230 degrees for 260 min. Mashed potatoes on the stove on medium for 2 min. Corn on the stove on medium for 2 min.

Jayden S.

We just came here from Japan in August so Hiyori has not ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner. We made mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and ate it. She said how to make the mashed potatoes “mix these six things and wait for a while.” The six things are….1. Potatoes 2. Cotton candy 3. Mayo sauce 4. Milk 5. Cheese 6. Pepper. She said how to make green bean casserole “bake with something crispy on green beans.” We could not eat turkey, but she was surprised at the size of the turkey she saw at the supermarket. We will try to cook it someday!

Hiyori S.

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