Funny Farmers: Night for elections

By Maitlyn Cave - Funny Farmers 4-H Club

Funny Farmers 4-H Club took on maybe the biggest meeting task and most important of the year: officer elections!

Kids from as far as Greenfield joined the second Funny Farmers meeting and engaged themselves in electing their peers into responsibilities of their club.

Kids as young as 10-years-old involved themselves in climbing for a spot as an officer. It’s amazing to see kids so young growing up in a friendly community allowing them to seek opportunity in their surrounding environment.

Kids, teens and young adults took on big responsibilities for their club. Many promised to help make improvements within the club. Hopefully they all continue to work hard and maybe words into actions, making this year’s Fayette County Fair even better than the last. There’s always room for improvement and new ideas, making everyone’s experience fun, exciting, and even more enjoyable.

By Maitlyn Cave

Funny Farmers 4-H Club