Getting crafty for the fall season

Submitted by Rebecca Pope - Cherry Hill Primary Art Educator

With the fall season comes various craft ideas to get the imagination flowing. To assist families with craft ideas that can be done at home, especially for those taking part in remote learning, here is a craft idea submitted by a local art educator:

The Magic Hat

This project is done with students in kindergarten and older.


-one OR four pieces of paper


-art materials to decorate the hat with

Before making the “Magic Hat,” watch the video read-aloud of the book “The Magic Hat,” written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Tricia Tusa.

The Magic Hat | Fantastic kids story book read aloud can be found at

Next, watch the video on how to make your hat before beginning. The video, “How to Fold a Paper Hat Triangle: Paper Folding Projects,” can be found at

After watching, decide if you want to make a Magic Hat that fits your head or a small one that fits a toy. If you use just one piece of paper to make the hat it will fit a toy. If you want a hat to fit your head, tape four pieces of paper together to make it into a large rectangle that will measure 17” by 22” or 18” x 24.”

Watch the video again and make the hat along with the instructor. (Suggestion — tape the rim/brim of the hat to the triangle hat to make it stay together).

Once made, color and/or decorate your “Magic Hat!”

Things to think about:

-What does my hat remind me of?

-Did I make any mistakes while making my hat? How did I work with that?

-If my “Magic Hat” could turn me into an animal, what would it be?

Submitted by Rebecca Pope

Cherry Hill Primary Art Educator