Fayette Garden Club holds spring meeting

By Connie Meriweather - Fayette Garden Club

Fayette Garden Club held their spring meeting at the home of Jodi Kirkpatrick on Friday, March 11.

As members arrived they were greeted by the hostess Jodi and her assisting hostesses Shirley Johnson and Mary Jane Esselbourne.

Members were seated at the dining room table and dessert was served before the business meeting. A social time was enjoyed by all since the last meeting was in December. The hostesses served pies, mixed nuts, coffee and iced tea.

President Pam Rhoads opened the business meeting with a reading from Ideals magazine, entitled The Magic of Spring by Mary Ellen Stelling.

Roll call was answered by each naming a spring flower. Crocus, daffodil, grape hyacinth, lilac and tulips were named.

Reports were read and a report on the joint meeting with the Washington Garden Club was given by vice president Marge Clifford.

Vice president Marge Clifford gave some interesting facts about the shamrock. The three leaves represent the Holy Trinity.

The horticulture tip was given by Jodi Kirkpatrick. She said to make sure that your soil has good tilth. Tilth is soil that has a good structure that is crumbly like soil found in a meadow. Bad tilth is poorly structured soil with black-like lumps that are difficult to break apart. To produce good tilth, it is important to add organic matter to the soil – such as manure, compost, peat moss or similar material. A good two – four inch thick layer should be applied to the entire area and mixed into the soil thoroughly.

The region 16 Spring Meeting is to be held May 12, 2016 at Plain City.

Jodi Kirkpatrick, Shirley Johnson and Mary Jane Esselbourne conducted many quizzes concerning gardening, and prizes were awarded to those who answered correctly. Also, helping in these contests was granddaughter Kara Polichetti.

The next meeting is to be held at the Judy Chapel for the spring clean-up.

Members attending were Carole Anderson , Marge Clifford, Mary Jane Esselbourne, Mary Estle, Shirley Johnson, Jodi Kirkpatrick, Connie Meriweather, Susie Meriweather, Joanne Montgomery, Pam Rhoads, Jean Smith, granddaughter Kara Polichetti and baby girl Kenilee.

By Connie Meriweather

Fayette Garden Club