Washington Garden Club visits Krohn’s Conservatory

Submitted by Linda Warfield - Washington Garden Club

The Washington Garden Club met on Aug. 6. The following ladies, president Winnie Gregory, Linda Warfield, Sherry DeHass and Lee Reno, decided to go out of town for the monthly meeting.

They traveled to the Krohn’s Conservatory in Cincinnati. Ken Warfield drove the van for the ladies. The ladies toured the botanical gardens.

The Orchid Room, multi specimens, was beautiful, filled with lots of flowers. Also, including a Bonsai Tree Room, the oldest tree was 79-years-old. The tour continued with a 20-feet waterfall and a tunnel to travel through the beautiful walkway.

The conservatory has a Chocolate Tree, which produces nuts that can be harvested and can make baking chocolate. The creek in this area is home of the COY fish. The fish are large in size, approximately 18 inches long. These fish were donated by a retiring lawn company. A Google search mentioned the oldest recorded fish was 226-years-old. The fish were 40-years-old when they arrived at the gardens and have there for several years.

Region 16 will be holding a fall region meeting in November. The location will be in London, Ohio at the country club. The day will be filled with two guest speakers and lunch. The Open Gate Garden Club will be hosting for the day.

The Washington Garden Club is looking for new, interested people who like study and all that grows, “Good and bad.” The club also studies birds and butterflies. If you are interested in touring gardens and growing flowers, this is for you.

Please call Linda Warfield at 937-675-9029. The next meeting will be Sept. 3 starting with lunch.

Submitted by Linda Warfield

Washington Garden Club