Washington Garden Club kicks off the new year in style

Submitted by Linda Warfield

The Washington Garden Club started 2018 on Jan. 2, “Happy New Year” at the Hong Kong Buffet.

JoAnn Brady, president, called the meeting to order. The bitter cold kept a lot of members at home. Those who attended worked on program books with a new sunflower cover. The cover was created by secretary Linda Warfield.

We continue to meet the first Tuesday of each month. February was “Valentine’s Day,” hosted by Linda Morgan. JoAnn Brady called the meeting to order. Roll call was taken by naming your favorite backyard bird. The most named was the cardinal.

The club picked the right time as a snow storm was expected to the area that evening. Tom Esper brought a program called “All About Snow.” He explained how snow forms. Deep snow tends to absorb red light, which often tints blue on the snow. The snow reflects most of the sunlight, creating a white appearance.

Snow packs are good homes for wild animals because of the insulating qualities. We ended up with three to six inches of snow in the areas we live in. We wished in spring/summer with hints from everyone.

Plant marigold flowers around the outside of vegetable gardens to keep wild animals away. Succulents are grown in Miracle Plant dirt, but water sparingly. Wisteria will take over the area where it can reach.

It is great when husbands are available, you buy the flowers and let the husband plant them.

Fresh miracle dirt is important to put out fresh in each season and watering is all that’s needed for the season. Don’t plant outside until Mother’s Day outside.

Important fact: Joan Rodgers will be 90-years-old on Feb. 28.

The next meeting will be March 6 at 4 Seasons Nursing facility in Washington C.H.

Submitted by Linda Warfield