Fayette Garden Club holds March meeting

By Connie Meriweather - Fayette Garden Club

Members of the Fayette Garden Club met for their March meeting at the home of Julia Hidy. As members arrived they were greeted by hostess Julia Hidy and assisting hostess Debbie Carr.

President Pam Rhoads opened the meeting with a reading entitled, ‘Seed Catalog,’ by Edna Jaques and vice president Marjorie Clifford read from a book entitled, ‘Without End.’

Roll call was answered by each member telling what plants are blooming in their yard. Things mentioned were daffodils, crocuses, star magnolia, japonica and forsythia.

Secretary Susan Meriweather and treasurer Debbie Carr gave their reports and they were approved as read.

President Pam passed out a sheet giving information on the depth that bulbs need to be planted. Also, different ways of dividing plants were discussed.

Birthdays for the month of March were Susie Helfrich and Norma Wilson.

The upcoming region 16 meeting was announced and it will be held in Wilmington in May.

The flower of the month was the Gaillardia, common name blanket flower. It is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family, native to both North and South America. The blooms may be any shade of yellow, orange, red, brown, white or bi-colored.

After the business meeting, garden club members were invited to the dining room where a delicious dessert was served. The table had a beautiful arrangement of flowers by the hostess Julia Hidy.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in fellowship talking about the upcoming spring flowers that would be zapped with the very cold weather.

Members present were Carole Anderson, Debbie Carr. Marjorie Clifford, Mary Jane Esselbourne, Julia Hidy, Connie Meriweather, Susan Meriweather, Joanne Montgomery, Linda Morgan, Pam Rhoads and Jean Smith.

By Connie Meriweather

Fayette Garden Club