FCHD can help with breastfeeding

By Jeannie Bihl, R.N.

Imagine that scientists had told us that someone had invented a Wonder Product! Let me tell you about this product.

This wonder product is available to every baby born on earth. It’s exactly the perfect nutrition for all infants and even has added antibodies so your baby is less likely to get sick. What’s more – Wonder Product is available everywhere you go, and requires no storage or delivery! You don’t even have to leave your house to get it (so imagine the gas you would save).

Wonder Product can reduce your chances of getting diabetes, of being obese, of getting certain cancers, and it’s even been proven to kill cancer cells in a petri-dish. Wonder Product increases your chances of a higher I.Q. and it has the right amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein for your specific age.

And don’t worry – doctors recommend it! We even have approval from many health associations!

Are you someone who is conscious about the environment? Do you check out the labels on your products to see what’s in them? No need to worry! Wonder Product is completely organic, it’s green and environmentally friendly! There is no waste! And you will never have to worry about Wonder Product being recalled.

And the best part of all is it is FREE! This amazing product is human breast milk! August is Breastfeeding Awareness month and all moms are encouraged to give it a try since it is healthy for mom and baby.

If anyone is having a baby and thinking about breastfeeding, please call the Fayette County Health Department at 740-335-5910 and ask to speak to Jeannie Bihl, R.N., IBCLC or Charity Penrod, CLC, for help with breastfeeding, classes, information, or going back to work. WIC wants to emphasize the importance of working together with family, friends, employers, healthcare providers and childcare providers to empower and support a woman’s decision to breastfeed.

By Jeannie Bihl, R.N.