FCPH releases restaurant inspections

By Abby Shrout - [email protected]

Fayette County Public Health released the following restaurant inspections:

October 13

Main Street Creamery, 1155 Storybrook Dr., 30-day Inspection. Violations/comments: Employee illness policy unavailable. Employees must know their responsibility to report any food-borne illnesses to managing staff. Vomit and diarrhea clean-up policy unavailable and must be available for employees. Employee observed donning gloves without washing hands. Hands must be washed any time they are contaminated and prior to donning gloves. Thermometer unavailable for hot holding units and must be provided for employees to ensure proper holding temperatures. Operating as a risk level 3 by cooling and holding perishable food. Food license must be updated. Hot dogs held at 120 degrees Fahrenheit inside hot holding unit. Perishable food in hot holding state must be 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above to limit growth of pathogens. The hot dogs were discarded during inspection.

October 27

I-71 Southbound Rest Stop, Jeffersonville, Standard Inspection. Violations/comments: Coffee machine needs cleaned, soil accumulation found. The machine must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep it clean.

Starbucks Coffee #29458, 12490 St. Rt. 35 NW, Standard Inspection. Violations/comments: Non-detachable scissors found stored on coffee preparation table. Scissors used to open food packages must be detachable and easily cleanable like all other food contact surfaces. The manager on duty removed the scissors from the area during the inspection. Hot water machine is cracked. Soil accumulation found in vents.

Subway 35/71, 12484 St. Rt. 35 NW, Standard Inspection. Violations/comments: Serving trays found stored under paper towels at hand washing sink. Food equipment must be stored in clean area to prevent contamination. These were removed during the inspection. Soil accumulation found on clean dish rack and restroom doors. Mop sink hose found below lip of sink. Low light intensity in walk-in cooler. Repeat violation. Lighting must be at least 10 ft. candles in walk-in coolers.

October 31

Dairy Queen, 205 W. Court St., Standard/CCP Inspections. Violations/comments: A few dry food containers found without labels. Dry food is removed from original containers, it must be labeled with common name. Wiping cloths found stored in soapy water rather than sanitizer. Chlorine test strips needed. Spoons found in dry food container with handles. In use utensils such as spoons must be provided with handles and above food contact to prevent contamination. Cracked and missing wall tiles in back kitchen are near hand wash sink and lockers. According to manager , the facility no longer reheats cooked food items. Operating at a level 3.


By Abby Shrout

[email protected]