FCPH offers Hepatitis A vaccines for adults

Fayette County Public Health is currently scheduling Hepatitis A immunizations for adults. These vaccines are being offered free of charge until Feb. 21.

Hepatitis A is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus that can affect anyone. It is transmitted through direct contact with an infectious person or by ingesting food or water that is contaminated by an infected person.

Vaccines are safe and effective at preventing hepatitis A infections. Good personal hygiene and proper sanitation can also help prevent the spread of this virus. Call 740-335-5910 to schedule your vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule

COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters provide protection against severe disease, hospitalizations and death. There is no cost for a COVID vaccine. Appointments and masks are required for all clinics. Please bring your COVID Vaccination Record if you have already received at least one dose and your health insurance card if you are getting a flu shot.

Vaccination Clinic Schedule Week of Feb. 14-18 – Call 740-335-5910 to schedule

February 14 – Moderna 1st or 2nd dose or booster

February 16 – Johnson & Johnson 1st dose or booster

February 18 – Pfizer 1st or 2nd dose, booster, pediatric


This update reflects reports received in the last three days.

COVID-19 vaccinations

13,309 started (47%)

12,321 completed (43%)

5,732 additional doses

COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths

7,656 cases (+18)

481 hospitalizations (+6)

101 deaths (+1)

6,847 presumed recovered (+264)

Test Positivity Rate: 34.4 (- 4.6%) (14-day period ending Feb. 1)

Cases Per 100,000: 922 per 100,000 – down from 2,163 (14-day period ending Feb. 9)

For more information, visit faycohd.org or coronavirus.ohio.gov.