Restaurant inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

May 20

Pettits #1, 303 E. East St., standard inspection. Violations/ comments: soil accumulation found inside the main cooler, walk-in cooler floor, sink area, storage room walls. The facility must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to keep it clean. Mold residue found on the shield inside the ice machine in storage room. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation and be clean to sight and touch. All food temperatures were good. Thank you.

Dominos Pizza #2241, 60 Washington Square, standard inspections. Violations/ comments: a dry food container found without a label in main kitchen area. Food removed from its original package, if put in another container, must be labeled. The container was labeled during the inspection. Soil accumulation found in the mop sink area and storage room floor. The facility must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep it clean. Food temperatures were good. Thank you.

D. Donats, Inc. DBA Donatos Pizza, 1211 Columbus Ave., standard inspection. Violations/ comments: Several perishable food items stored inside of the pizza make counter were found above 41 degrees Fahrenheit (46-50 degrees range). Refrigerated perishable food held in a cold holding state must be 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below to limit the growth of pathogens. The cooler was reading at 50 degrees Fahrenheit according to the thermometer. All items inside were discarded during the inspection. This cooler may not be used until deemed safe. Sanitizer was not detected inside the warewashing sanitizer sink. Equipment food contact surfaces and utensils must be sanitized. According to staff, the sanitizer dispenser system is not working. They said no order to have it repaired has been made, and that they are supposed to be manually mixing the sanitizer solution. Sanitizer and test strips were available. Equipment must be maintained in good repair. No hot water provided at handwashing sink inside the women’s restroom. Hot water of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit must be provided at all sinks. Soil accumulation found in mop sink area and kitchen floor under equipment. The facility must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep it clean.