Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

August 12

The Highland House, 703 Highland Ave. Standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/ comments: mold residue found inside the ice machine along the ice shield. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch to prevent contamination. The salad preparation cooler was at 47 degrees Fahrenheit and chopped veggies were at 49 degrees Fahrenheit. The person-in-charge said that the cooler was open for lunch rush, so I waited about 30 minutes to see if temperature would drop and it did not. The eggs stored inside of the cooler and all chopped veggies were discarded during the inspection. The washing machine rinse was at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The rinse cycle must be at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize the dishes. It was recommended to the person-in-charge to use the three-compartment sink with sanitizer and test strips until this unit is repaired. Sanitizer and test strips were available. Critical Control Point: time/ temperature controlled safety food — failed to keep perishable food cold holding temperatures at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Protection from contamination: failed to sanitize utensils and food equipment, and to clean the ice machine. I found contact surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized. Masks were worn by employees. Overall cleanliness of the facility was satisfactory. Certifications in food safety available.

Dunkins Express Mart, 700 Campbell St. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: papers, books, pens and other miscellaneous items were found stored on the pizza preparation counter. During preparation, food must be protected from environmental sources of contamination. Test strips not readily available for the chemical sanitizing solution. A test kit that accurately measures sanitizing solution concentration must be provided. Three coolers within the facility are not working. Equipment must be maintained in good repair or removed from the premises. Soil accumulation found on the shelves, bottom of drink cooler and storage room area. Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation. The storage room and area near restroom were found cluttered with items not pertaining to the food establishment. The premises must be free of these items, and cleaned at a frequency necessary to keep them clean. Masks worn by employees. All food temperatures were within the safe zone. Thank you. Food safety certifications still unavailable. The owner is working with the OSU Extension Office to take the exam.