Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

July 15

Pizza Hut #35537, 409 S. Elm St. Standard inspection. Violations/ comments: the faucet on the ware washing sink located behind the service counters was found no longer sealed in place and with some corrosion. Equipment must be maintained in good repair. An accumulation of dust found on and around the air vents located near the pizza oven. Intake and exhaust air ducts must be cleaned and filters changed so they are not a source of contamination by dust, dirt and other materials. Soil accumulation found on the kitchen walls near the pizza oven, hot holding cabinet and pizza preparation cooler. The facility must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to keep them clean.

Mugs and Jugs, 1309 U.S. 35 S.E. Standard inspection. Violations/ comments: dented cans found on the storage room shelf. Food packages must remain in good condition to protect the food from contaminants. The dented cans were placed in a separate area for returns. Damaged shelf found in storage room area and inside of the kitchen drawers. Also, duct tape found on one of the kitchens refrigerators. Food and non-food contact surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable. Soil accumulation found on the kitchen and storage room shelves. Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent soil accumulation.

Waffle House, 11546 Allen Road, Jeffersonville. Standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/ comments: onions found stored on the walk-in cooler floor. Food must be stored six inches above the ground to protect from contamination. The onions were hung on the cooler shelf during the inspection. Soil accumulation found on cups, mug trays, pop nozzles, and ice holder located in front of soda machine. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch to prevent contamination. All but the ice holder was cleaned during the inspection. Several perishable food items found stored inside of the reach-in coolers without date markings: beef pork chop, ham, pancake batter and vegetables. Food kept within the food establishment more than 24 hours must be date marked and discarded within seven days if perishable. According to management, these food items had been prepared either the night prior to current date or on this date, and date marked these items during the inspection. Food-containers found stored stacked while wet on the equipment cart. After cleaning and sanitizing, equipment and utensils must be air dried. Soil accumulation also found in the following areas: fan guards in the walk-in cooler, reach-in coolers, drawers, cabinets, storage room floor, and floor in back area where ware washing sinks are located. Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation and the facility must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them cleaned.

July 14

Platform Coffee House, 138 S. Fayette St. Consultation. Violations/ comments: checked equipment. All NSF approved. Lighting satisfactory. A dump sink and water pitcher were added after facility layout plans were submitted. It was recommended to consult with the building inspector to ensure these changes will be approved. Items still needed: handwash signs and supplies, sanitizer with accurate test strips, final approval from building inspector, submitted changes prior to opening, restroom supplies, COVID-19 signs and six foot markers, sanitizer for employees and customers.

Taco Bell/ Long John Silvers, 12356 U.S. 35 N.W., Jeffersonville. Follow-up inspection. Violations/comments: the food containers observed are now clean to sight and touch however, an employee was observed dipping a food container in the sanitizer solution and setting it right back out. According to the manufacturer’s instructions for the chemical sanitizer, after cleaning, the equipment must be submerged for at least 20 seconds in the chemical sanitizer. Chemical sanitizer must be used as directed on the manufacturer’s label. Perishable food items stored inside of the walk-in cooler are now within the seven-day discard date. Ice accumulation still found inside of the walk-in freezer and on the door. Some of the ice had been removed so that the door could close properly. All equipment must be maintained in good repair. The door is scheduled to be replaced according to management. The hand wash sinks inside of the men’s restroom were still found with soil accumulation. The overall cleanliness of the facility was still unsatisfactory. Food accumulation still found under food equipment. The facility must be cleaned at a frequency necessary t0 keep them clean. The food license is now available.

Yusa, 151 Jamison Road. Pre-licensing inspection. Violations/ comments: the vending machines, storing perishable food items, automatic locks are operational. All food were within seven-days date marking. Food was in good condition. Soil accumulation found inside of the coffee machines. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil accumulation. The employee cleaned these machines during the inspections.