Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

June 15

Bob Evans Restaurants Llc #2002, 1800 US 62 N.E. Follow-up inspection. Violations/ comments: the salt and pepper shakers are no longer in use. Instead, single service packets are now provided to customers. Bulk condiments (multi-use bottles) are also no longer in use. Customers are provided with individual portions instead. Thank you.

Frisch’s of WCH #19, 1830 Columbus Ave. Standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/ comments: several utensils and food containers found stored on the clean utensil racks with food residue. Food contact surfaces must be cleaned to sight and touch to prevent contamination. Bacon found past the discard date. Refrigerated perishable foods must be discarded in seven days to minimize the growth of pathogens. The dessert cooler doors were found off track making the doors hard to close and stay closed. Water was found leaking from the ceiling near the ice machine. Equipment must be designed and constructed to be durable and to retain their characteristic qualities under normal use conditions, therefore repairs are necessary. Soil accumulation found on handwashing sink near the warewash sink and inside of the walk-in freezer. Nonfood contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent soil contamination. Hot water was not available for the handwashing sinks inside the restrooms. A handwash sink must be equipped to provide water at a temperature of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit. COVID-19 dining room updates: according to the store manager, the dining room will reopen June 24. Critical Control Point inspection: time/temperature controlled safety food-date marking and disposition — failed to discard within seven days. Protection from contamination — found contact surfaces cleaned and sanitized, several food equipment found with food residue and stored on clean utensil shelves.

June 10

Center Pizza, 23 Fayette Center. Follow up inspection. Violations/ comments: the pizza sauce inside of the reach-in cooler was at 39 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler was reading at 40 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, the cooler is now safe to store perishable food items. It was strongly recommended to the store manager to keep the perishable food items separate from the pizza dough to hopefully prevent future issues with food temperatures. The store manager stated that he would consult with the owner about obtaining another cooler for the perishable food.

June 9

Center Pizza, 23 Fayette Center. Standard inspection. Violations/ comments: the meatballs were found at 43 degrees Fahrenheit inside of the reach-in cooler. The cooler was reading above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the store manager, an employee had recently loaded the cooler with pizza dough they had just made causing the cooler to rise in temperature. The cooler was reading at 38 degrees Fahrenheit prior to the dough being added to the cooler. The meatballs were rechecked after approximately thirty minutes and the temperature was 47 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the food being above temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit for a short time frame (within two hours), it was recommended to the manager to remove all perishable items from the cooler immediately and place them in another cooler. The manager removed all perishable food items and placed them into a separate cooler reading at 39 degrees Fahrenheit (beverage cooler). A large container of dry food found without label. Containers holding food that were removed from it’s original package within a food establishment must be labeled. Soil accumulation found on the oven hood vents. Nonfood contact surfaces must be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent soil accumulation.