Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health recently released the following restaurant inspections:

February 12

Kroger N-822, 548 Clinton Ave. Standard inspection and consultation. Violations/ comments: chicken and turkey stored next to beef and pork in the meat cases. Food must be protected from cross-contamination. It was recommended to management to have dividers placed in between the different raw species of meat. On multiple occasions, employees were observed washing and rinsing food equipment and utensils but failed to ensure that these items were also sanitized. Food contact surfaces must be sanitized before use and after cleaning. A cardboard shipping box of donuts found stored over uncovered donuts on a cookie sheet inside of the deli bakery walk-in freezer. Food must be covered or protected from any source of contamination. The manager removed the box immediately. Food container found stored inside a duty cabinet out of their protective wrap located behind the raw meat counter. Single use articles must be stored in a clean, dry location and kept inside of their protective wrap when not in use. Duct Tape found on the Eco lab sanitizer dispensing box located in the deli area. A hole found in the base of the reach-in freezer case. Missing base board material found inside of the walk-in freezer located in the meat cutting room. All surfaces must be free of cracks or breaks, smooth and easily cleanable. According to management, the Duct Tape was placed on the box by an Eco lab associate as a form of repair. Expired test strips found for the chemical sanitizing solution. Concentration of the sanitizing solution must be accurately determined by using a test kit or other device. The following areas/ items were found with soil accumulation: walk-in milk cooler fan-guards, walls and shelves, the cabinets behind the meat counters, the cabinets behind the deli counters. Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent soil accumulation. The storage room floor needs swept. The hand-wash sinks located in the employee restrooms in the storage room area were not provided with hot water. All hand-wash sinks must be provided with hot water of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit. No water pressure provided to one of the hand-wash sinks located in the deli area. Water pressure must be provided to all sinks. An accumulation of soil residue found inside of the storage room employee restrooms. The facility must be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them cleaned. Stained ceiling tiles found in the bakery/ meat areas. The facility must be maintained in a state of good repair. The reach-in freezer located behind the raw meat case was not provided with a working/ functional light. The light intensity in reach-in coolers must be at least 20 foot candles for proper cleaning and easy visibility. None of the Eco Lab sanitizes located at all three compartment ware-washing sinks appear to be functioning. All equipment must be maintained in a state of good repair. Consultation: expired baby food found on the sales floor shelves: five Gerbers Lil Mixers with pear, zucchini, corn — 4.05 ounce cups were immediately removed from the sales-floor shelves to be discarded voluntarily by management. It was recommended for staff to monitor baby food expiration more closely and more frequently.

February 11

Commission on Aging, 1179 S Elm St. Follow-up inspection. Violations/ comments: The ice holder is now provided with an air gap that is satisfactory. Thank you.

February 10

Fayette County Early Learning, 1400 US Route 22 NW. Standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/ comments: the test strips for the q. chemical solution were found expired. A test kit that accurately measures the concentration in ppm of sanitizing solution must be provided. No hand-washing sign available for the women’s restroom. All hand-sinks used by food employees must have a hand-washing sign/ poster. Knowledge and responsibility: the person in charge displayed good knowledge of critical control points. No critical violations present at this time.

Fayette County Early Learning, 41 Colonial Drive, Jeffersonville. Standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/ comments: the kitchen area is very clean and maintained well. All food temperatures were within the safe zone. Thank you.

Giovanni’s, 215 W Court St. Follow-up inspection. Violations/ comments: all chemical bottles are now labeled. Hand-wash signs are now provided in both restrooms. The overall cleanliness has improved however, still unsatisfactory.