FCMH Auxiliary holds reorganization meeting

Submitted by FCMH Auxiliary

Pat Gall, president, welcomed 29 members and three guests to the February 2016 meeting of the Fayette County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary where the committees and officers report and re-organize for the new year.

She introduced and welcomed new members Sandy Flach, Mary Link, Vicki Cardenas, Linda McManus, Suzanne Kidd and Karen Whiteside.

President Gall gave a big thanks to Brenda Hughes for the membership books.

Pat introduced Jane Bissel, CFO and interim CEO. Ms. Bissel informed the group that the hospital is working on a strategic plan for FCMH for the next four or five years. The number one goal is to earn inclusion in the top 100 critical access hospitals in the United States. There are three in Ohio at this time.

Another goal is to compare well with the hospitals that offer the quickest service and least wait time in the emergency department. They are also attempting to replace the infrastructure of the hospital. The board is beginning another search for a new CEO.

Chelsie Hornsby, director of marketing, spoke to the group concerning the money making projects and the success of the digital mammography equipment, as well as the anticipated ultra sound for the Women’s Wellness Center. She is hopeful that an emergency department renovation is not too far in the future.

Pat called the business meeting to order. She asked the secretary Jeanne Immell to give the minutes. Jeanne thanked Pat and Brenda Hughes for taking care of the minutes during her absence. Then she read the minutes for November. The minutes were approved as read.

Sherry Ferguson, treasurer, reported that the books have been audited. She gave the treasurer’s report. Sherry requested the auxiliary find another treasurer. She was resigning. Pat asked the nominating committee to find a new treasurer and a 2018 board member.

Jean Ann Davis gave the gift shop report. The OSU items have been very popular and the sewing ladies items are very popular.

Ruth Curry reported that the auditing committee had met and found all books to be in the finest order.

The scholarship committee has passed out the applications to both schools for students to apply for the auxiliary scholarships.

There is a plan to go to the Fayette County schools in April and present the principals and counselors with the “Volunteen” program.

We will have a Books-Are-Fun sale April 11, 2016 and Sept. 15 and 16. We may include their jewelry sale.

The next meeting will be April 4, 2016 in the conference meeting room in MAB II.

Submitted by FCMH Auxiliary