Restaurant Inspections

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May 8

Fayette Christian School, 1315 Dayton Avenue. Standard inspections. Violations/ comments: No violations at time of inspection. Kitchen is clean. Norovirus plan in place. Fridge at 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

May 6

True North #757, Jeffersonville. Food-borne and consultation inspections. Violations/ comments: The Fayette County Public Health nurses received a call on May 2 from Todd Dominiac—associate with True North Corporate Office—regarding an employee at the Jeffersonville location. According to Todd, the employee showed symptoms of Hepatitis on April 12 and returned to work on April 15. The employees duties included handling food items. On April 22 the employee worked for an hour, fell ill and was sent to the hospital. According to the store manager, Brandi Shanks, management was notified of a possible Hepatitis A diagnosis by employee. The diagnosis was confirmed on April 25 and released by doctor to return to work on April 29. According to corporate associate, Todd Dominiac, they did not receive notice of the employees condition until May 2 and reached out to the Fayette County Public Health department immediately. The person in charge shall notify the licensure when a food employee is diagnosed with an illness due to Hepatitis A or any illness listed in the employee health reporting policy. According to the nurses at the Fayette County Public Health department, the employee and his girlfriend came into the department on April 9. One of the nurses recognized the girlfriend appeared very ill and sent her to the hospital immediately. The girlfriend was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. The employee returned to the health department on April 11 for vaccination but failed to report these findings to management. A food employee shall report the information in a manner that allows the person in charge to reduce the risk of food-borne disease transmission if the employee has been exposed to, or living in the same household as, an individual diagnosed with an illness caused by Hepatitis A virus within the past fifty days of the last exposure. Reviewed policy and procedures for properly reporting employee illnesses to the person in charge and to their local health department. A copy of the rules in relation to management and personnel; employee health reporting procedures were given to the store manager, Brandi. Also, the importance of proper hand-washing and wearing gloves were addressed.

May 2

Hong Kong Buffet, 1142 Columbus Ave. Follow up inspection. Violations/ comments: The Pepsi cooler has now been removed from the facility since the temperature fluctuates frequently. According to management, maintenance inspected the cooler and was told that it needed to be replaced, because it is not maintaining temperatures of 41 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Management stated that they will contact the Fayette County Public Health department once it is replaced. All other previous violations have now been corrected. Thank you.

Horney’s Texas Style Barbecue, 1270 US Rt. 22 NW. Standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/ comments: The person in charge during inspection is not certified in food safety. The person in charge must ensure that employees are properly trained in food safety. The plastic utensil drawer was found with an accumulation of soil residue. The person in charge cleaned the drawer during the inspection. Also, the Hobert oven was found with an accumulation of grease and soil residue. Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to prevent accumulation of soil residues. Knowledge and Responsibility: The person in charge must be certified in food safety. Category four food establishments must have at least one person trained in level two management course and one person trained in level one food handlers course. One person per shift must be trained in food safety.

McDonald’s, 280 S. Elm St. Standard and Critical Control Point (FSO) inspections. Violations/ comments: Sliced cheese was found without a date or time stamp located at sandwich make station. If the time without temperature control is cited as the public health control up to a maximum of four hours, the food shall be marked. The manager discarded the cheese immediately.

Ranchers Roast Beef, 501 S. Elm St. Follow up inspection. Violations/ comments: The ware washing sink is now properly set up for wash, rinse and sanitize. The sanitizer measured at the proper concentration. According to management, the walk-in cooler was inspected and re-adjusted. The milk was at 42 degrees Fahrenheit and was inspected during rush lunch hour. The manager stated that he checked the temperatures this morning and it was at 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit. It was recommended to continue to monitor the temperatures.

April 29

Sonic Drive in, 403 W. Court St. Complaint inspection. Violations/ comments: A phone complaint was received regarding two people, without the same household falling ill after consuming food from sonic on April 27. The complainant had the grilled chicken sandwich and her mom had the bacon cheeseburger. The only items that were consumed in common were tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise on their sandwiches. The complainant experienced vomiting and diarrhea on April 28 and her mother became nauseous two hours after consumption. During the inspection, various food temperatures were taken at the sandwich station preparation cooler. The cooler was reading at 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The food items inside of the cooler; tomatoes 41 degrees Fahrenheit, pickles 40 degrees Fahrenheit, mayonnaise 45 degrees Fahrenheit. According to management, mayo was placed in cooler two hours prior to inspection from shelf. It was re-inspected two hours later, 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The lettuce is purchased pre-washed and chopped, the mayonnaise is refrigerated after opening, the tomatoes are purchased whole then washed in prep sink and sliced daily. Gloves were being used to handle the ready-to-eat food items. No violations were found and food handling procedures were satisfactory.

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