Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.

Jan. 22

Cafe Yusa, 151 Jamison Road. Follow-up inspection. Violations/comments: Certification in food safety was available however it is in level one (food handlers course), an employee health notification procedure is now available. Written procedures for vomit and diarrhea clean up are now available. No dented cans observed. The utensil cabinet in ware washing room is now cleaned to sight and touch and no evidence of pests found. All food containers observed were clean and stored properly.

Jan. 16

Cafe Yusa, 151 Jamison Road. Standard inspection, critical control point. Violations/comments: Food safety certifications were unavailable, the person-in-charge must ensure that employees are properly trained in food safety. An employee health notifications policy was not available, the person-in-charge stated that this policy is at the corporate office, employees must be informed of their responsibility to report any food borne illnesses to their managing staff. Written procedures for vomit and diarrhea were unavailable, the food establishment must have written procedures for their employees regarding vomit and diarrhea clean up. A few dented cans were found on the can rack located in ware washing room, food packages must remain in good condition to protect the food from contaminants, these were removed from stuck immediately. Inside one of the utensil cabinets located in ware washing mice droppings were found, the presence of insects and pests must be controlled to minimize their presence on the premises by routinely inspecting, cleaning and using pest controlling devices. Several food containers were found stored and stacked away while wet, after cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils, they must be air dried.

Dragon Inn, 22 Washington Square. Standard inspection, critical control point. Violations/comments: Several food items were found in the walk-in cooler uncovered, foods must be stored in a place and in a way where it is not exposed to contaminants. Raw beef was found thawing over raw shrimp inside of the walk-in cooler, also raw meat in a walk-in cooler, cooked, raw, ready-to-eat foods must be separately stored in a way to prevent contamination, the manager switched these items around immediately and they are now stored properly. Food items were found in the cooling down process uncovered and stored in the storage room area, during preparation unpackaged food must be protected from environmental sources of contamination, the manager covered these items during the inspection. Several food items inside of the walk-in cooler were found without date markings, all foods kept in a food establishment more than 24 hours must be date marked, refrigerated perishable foods must be discarded in 7 days to minimize the growth of pathogens, these items were date marked during the inspection. Bowls were found stored inside the rice containers and sugar containers, utensils with handles must be used when stored in food that is not perishable with their handles above the top of the food containers to prevent contamination from hands. No test strips were available for chemical sanitizer, concentration of the sanitizing solution must be accurately determined by using a test kit or other devices. The pipe under the hand wash sink located in the women’s restroom was found leaking, the physical facilities and equipment must be maintained in a state of good repair, knowledge and responsibility IV: the person-in-charge is trained in level two food safety, however critical control violations are present.