Restaurant Inspections

Fayette County Public Health conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.

Sept. 12

Dairy Queen, 205 E. Court St. Follow up inspection. Violations: All previous violations have now been corrected.

Bob Evans Restaurants, 1800 US 62 NE. Follow up inspection. Violations: The preparation cooler is reading at 38 degrees. Temperatures were at 36 degrees therefor the cooler is now maintaining temperatures at 41 degrees or below and safe to store cold time temperature controlled food items. The reach-in now has a thermometer. The food containers observed were free of cracks, smooth and easily cleanable. The microwaves and area surrounding pop nozzles were now clean as well as the kitchen walls.

Arby’s #6297, 311 State Street. Follow up inspection. Violations: The food handler employee was observed wiping down his food preparation area and then immediately donning glove to prepare a customer food. Management was notified immediately. The sandwich buns are now properly stored. The slicer is now cleaned to sight and touch. All dead utensils were removed from premises. All food containers observed were found smooth and easily cleanable. The establishment has removed all food containers from the shelf and it was not being used at the time of inspection. A re-inspection is scheduled for Sept. 17. Shall the food establishment fail to correct all critical violations, consultation regarding suspending the food license will occur. A licensor may suspend or revoke, a food service operation license on determining that the license building is an violation of any rules including violations documenting failure to maintain sanitary conditions within the operation. According to management no extensive or major remodeling will be done to kitchen area. They will be adding new equipment and they have been approved by the building inspection.

Sept. 11

Dairy Queen, 205 E. Court St. Standard inspection, critical control point inspection. Violations: Critical violations present: the employee health notification policy was very vague. Managed was advised to revise the policy based on the code and a copy of the code was given to them. Food employees were observed changing tacks and donning gloves without washing hands, management was notified immediately. The food employees are handling ready to eat food items with gloves and using the same gloves to open microwave. They would classify these as food contact equipment, used with time temperature controlled for safety, therefore these surfaces must be cleaned every four hours instead of once daily. The ice scoop was found stored under the food preparation table on a rusty and non-easily cleanable surface and surrounded by oven mitts and boxes. Several food items were found inside of the walk-in freezer and cake master reach in freezer uncovered. A few spatulas were found with jagged edges and also a heavily stained food utensil food utensils must be smooth and easily cleanable. These were removed from stock immediately and discarded. The dining room tables were not being wiped down in between customers (old vs new).

Sept. 10

Bob Evans Restaurants, 1800 U.S. 62 NE. Standard inspection, critical control point inspection. Violations: Critical violations present during inspection: several food items were above 41 degree in a cold holding state: potatoes 46 degrees, crumbled sausage 44 degrees, tomatoes 46. These items were located inside of the preparation cooler in main kitchen area across from grill. These items were stored in this cooler for about 1 hour according to cook, therefore it was suggested to staff and management to apply lids to containers and close any gaps. After management applied the lids and closed the gaps these food items were at 41 degrees or below. The potatoes and tomatoes were at 40 degrees, crumbled sausage 41 degrees. The reach in cooler to the right side of the grill was found without a thermometer. The thermometer inside of the preparation cooler across from grill was inaccurate. A utensil was found inside of the macaroni cheese with handle touching the food. Food must be protected from contamination. In use utensils stored in food must be stored with handles above the top of the food. A few containers (food) were found cracked and heavily stained. These were immediately discarded. The microwaves and area surrounding pop nozzles in the main kitchen area were found with an accumulation of soil residues, must be cleaned more frequent. The kitchen walls and floor under equipment were found with an accumulation of soil residues as well as the flour inside of the storage rooms. Must be cleaned more frequent.