Tips for school success

By Pat Brinkman - OSU Extension

School is starting again, and parents can have a big impact on helping their children be successful at school. Research has shown that an active interest by parents and parents’ support means that children will be more successful and have fewer problems in school.

Below is a list of things parents can do to show interest and support.

– Provide a set location to do homework with needed supplies and resources available. This should be a quiet area to study. Be available to help if needed. Review homework and papers daily.

– Talk to your child about school, homework, and other things going on at school. Discuss potential situations your child might encounter such as dealing with bullies or other issues.

– Talk with your child’s teacher/teachers. Go to the open house, parent/teacher meetings, and if you have concerns or questions call the teacher.

– Set a schedule for your child for eating, playing (encourage your child to get some outside play each day), studying, baths, and bedtime. Post a calendar for scheduling. Make sure your child gets enough sleep and starts the day with a nutritious breakfast, either at home or at school.

– Limit television and computer time (unless doing homework on the computer). Keep the television off during the time children or youth are doing homework. Be a role model and read while your child is doing homework or pay bills, or some other tasks. Don’t have a television in the child’s bedroom. A study in California found children with televisions in their bedrooms had lower standardized test scores.

– Attend school sponsored activities and not just those in which your child participates.

– Volunteer in the classroom or at the school, if you can. Attend the local PTO meetings.

– Prepare the night before for the next school day. Have homework, papers and other items in the same place so that they are easy to find in the morning.

These tips will help your child be more successful in school. Be involved and talk with your child daily to help make sure your child succeeds in school.

Pat Brinkman is the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Educator with Ohio State University Extension Fayette County.

By Pat Brinkman

OSU Extension