Health Dept. releases restaurant inspections

Staff reports

The Fayette County Health Department conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.


Winners Jeffersonville Market, 10 W. High St., Jeffersonville. Reason for visit: Phone complaint. Violation: Food – limitation of growth of organisms and discarding or reconditioning unsafe. The department received a phone complaint Feb. 28 regarding spoiled meat being sold. At the March 2 health department visit tables chicken breasts and bacon were found with a slime film and/or discolored. The meat cooler was found to be in proper working order and reading at 38 degrees. The food products with the slime residue were thrown out and the health department reminded the staff that, ‘When in doubt, throw it out.’ The reach-in cooler was found to have meat items above 41 degrees. These items were removed by staff and discarded. Follow-up visit: March 8.


Winners Jeffersonville Market, 10 W. High St., Jeffersonville. Reason for visit: Follow-up. Violation: Administrative – Similac soy and milk based baby formula was found to be expired. Management removed the items from the shelves and they were disposed. The reach-in cooler in the deli area that had previously registered temperatures above 41 degrees was now reading 38 degrees and in proper working condition.


Buckeye Hills Golf Course, 7261 Highway 166, Greenfield. Reason for visit: Consultation. Several items in walk-in cooler, food racks and cooler need resurfaced or repainted. The handwash sink needs to be supplied with soap, paper towels, and trash receptacle. Inside of the kitchen area the shelving liners need to be removed. The utensil hook rack needs resurfaced or painted. The fire department needs to do an inspection. The establishment is considering moving up to a risk level IV so that Tony’s Smokehouse Grill and Catering could use their kitchen to prepare meals and carryout catering services.

Staff reports