Stay healthy and safe during winter months

Submitted by FCMH

It’s the end of January and the primary topic of conversation, other than the upcoming Super Bowl, is winter weather in Ohio. Whether you like mild winters or prefer a winter with more snow, you can experience it here in Fayette County!

On one thing we can all agree, the winter so far this year has been challenging: ice, snow, and arctic cold temperatures can be hazardous to one’s health! The Fayette County Memorial Hospital (FCMH) Health Care Providers in your community recommend planning ahead as an important step to staying healthy and safe this winter and offer the following tips:

– Dress in layers of light clothes. Wear a hat, mittens, scarf and waterproof boots to keep your core warm. Hypothermia happens when the body core temperature drops too low. This typically affects the fingers and toes first! Remember, frostbite can be a serious, life-changing event!

– Eat healthy warm foods such as soups, spicy foods, hot tea or coffee. Warm up from the inside out!

– Sprinkle cat litter or sand on outside icy spots. This helps with traction when walking.

– Work slowly when doing outdoor chores. Take breaks, go inside to warm up!

– Take a buddy when participating in outdoor activities. Not only is it safer, it’s more fun!

– Keep an emergency kit in your car. The kit should include a blanket, flashlight, windshield scraper, shovel, portable charger, extra batteries, bottled water and snacks. Try to keep the gas gauge above half a tank.

– Carry a cell phone with you. Make sure it is charged before leaving.

Many people use space heaters to heat cooler rooms of their homes. A word of caution, be sure to keep anything flammable at least three feet from the heater at all times. Always place the heater on a hard, non-flammable surface and turn it off when leaving the premises. You don’t want to burn down the house while trying to warm up a room!

Remember to check on family, friends and elderly neighbors when cold weather strikes and don’t forget your pets! If possible, bring your pets inside; however, if you cannot, be sure they have food and water, shelter and bedding to help keep them warm.

As your partner in health, FCMH invites you to join us at the RESOLUTION: HEALTH open house Wednesday, Jan. 31. The open house is from 4 to 6 p.m. and will be held in MAB (Medical Arts Building) #2 at 1510 Columbus Ave., Washington Court House. Come out and join us at this free event.

Winter can be an enjoyable time of the year as long as we remember to take precautions. Stay Healthy!

Submitted by FCMH