Fayette County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary holds meeting

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Immediate past president Pat Gall called the recently-held Fayette County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary meeting to order and announced that the current president, Carolyn Reinwald, was ill and couldn’t be there. She opened the meeting with the prayer for Hospital Auxilians.

Pat welcomed new volunteers, Jeannie Rivers and Billy Dugan.

To begin the hospital update, Pat introduced CEO Mike Diener. He informed the group that he was very grateful for the volunteers and wanted to let them know because April is Volunteer Month. He also talked about how great the new surgery center is and now we are anticipating the same type of changes in radiology and the emergency room.

Jane Bissel, CFO, also thanked the volunteers and explained to them how hospital population had been during this year.

Chelsie Hornsby, director of marketing, explained they are working to finance the radiology room and E.R. from the Hospital Foundation. The desire is to make the E.R. look as good as the doctors perform who are in there now.

Cheryl Royster, social services, asked for volunteers to help register participants in the Health Fair registration at the hospital during the first week of May for vascular screenings. She received several volunteers.

Tammie Wilson, CNO, made a request for a PICC Tip Line Placement Machine. It makes it easier for the patient and the medical personnel to run an IV to the heart. The cost of the machine is $6,500. It was unanimously approved by the group.

The next request was made by Jewel Thurman for more stuffed animals and blankets for children who come through ER or the hospital. It was decided to order 300 stuffed animals immediately and then a committee made up of Jean Ann Davis, Colleen Downing and Barbara Vance will look for good stuffed animals at a reasonable cost. Also the blanket situation will be checked.

Pat Gall asked Nancy Troutman to come up and she thanked her for doing such a great job with us and thanked her for all of the Volunteer Month goodies. Nancy in turn thanked Pat Gall for being past president and presented her with a past president pin.

Jeanne Immell gave the secretary’s report. Sherry Ferguson gave the treasurer’s report. Jean Ann Davis gave the gift shop report.

Barbara Vance, Jodie Hanawalt and Joyce Lott reported that the scholarship committee had three students, one from each school chosen to get a hospital scholarship. All of them are going to study some type of medicine.

The next meeting will be June 12. Pat closed with the volunteer pledge.

Submitted article