Creamy strawberry-banana cheesecake salad

By Lou Ann Thompson - Country Cooking

Hello! This week’s recipe is a super quick dessert. I have served it just as a side dish also.

I love the creamy consistency and the fresh taste of the strawberries and bananas in this dish. If you are looking to cut the calories in this just a bit, you can use the fat free cream cheese and lower fat cool whip. You can also use the sugar free pudding mix and reduced calorie yogurt.

This does make a large amount—you can cut the recipe down if you wish. It does not freeze well, and it does not last long in the refrigerator.

Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake Salad

-1 package cream cheese, softened

-16 oz of vanilla yogurt

-1 (8 oz) tub of Cool Whip, Thawed

-1 (3, 1/2 oz) package of cheesecake flavor instant pudding or pie filling mix.

-1/2 bag of miniature marshmallows

-3 pints strawberries, sliced

-4 bananas, sliced

-1 container raspberries (optional)


In a bowl, mix cream cheese, yogurt, pudding and cool whip until creamy.

Stir in marshmallows then fold in the fruit. Garnish with additional fruit. Chill.

If you are taking this dish to a function/party, just do not let it sit out very long. It does need to be kept cold. Enjoy!

By Lou Ann Thompson

Country Cooking