156th Jones-Foster reunion sees large turnout


The 156th Jones-Foster Reunion was held Saturday, July 8, at the Fayette County Commission on Aging, 1179 S. Elm St., in Washington Court House.

Family and friends in attendance came from all over: Ohio, Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.

Several recognitions were given to the following: Oldest Female, twins Maybelle Jones and Clarabelle (Jones) Yelletts (93); Oldest Male, Dee Hart Foster (93); Youngest Female, Cali Burnett (4); Youngest Male, Damari Arredondo (5); Longest Distance Traveled, Greg Curtis, Florence AZ (1,885 miles); Longest Marriage, Hartford and Sharon Jennings (57 years); Newlyweds, Kennedy and Erica Thomas (5 months).

On Sunday, July 9, the fellowship continued with a large turnout attending the Second Baptist Church, 828 Columbus Ave., where Pastor Lester E. Sanders delivered an inspiring sermon. Family and friends then gathered at a local restaurant to have a meal before heading home.

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