‘Rolling Rimples’ winners announced


“Rolling Rimples” organizers recently announced the winners of their 32nd program. Rolling Rimples is a weight loss program sponsored by the Fayette County Public Health and United Way.

This program is a fun, competitive weight loss challenge among businesses in Fayette County. Businesses that participate have as many teams as they want with four or five people on a team. Janessa Williamson, RN, is the health educator at Fayette County Public Health and she goes out to each business once a month for five months and weighs each participant.

Participants receive a piece of fruit, healthy recipe and notes on eating properly, how to eat healthy at a restaurant, or shopping wisely at the grocery, and other health-related information.

The most recent program consisted of nine businesses, 17 teams, and 66 individuals. At the end of the program, the top three individuals were given gift cards in the amounts of $100, $50, and $25, respectively, with each member of the winning team receiving a $50 gift card.

The first-place team was the Department of Job and Family Services (JFS) Team #1. The team consisted of Jaime Bias, Marcie Hamilton, Paula Resor, and Faith Powih. The four together lost 77.6 pounds.

Top individual weight loss winners were:

First place-Heath Link (42.9 pounds) Farm Credit

Second place-Paula Resor (33.3 pounds) JFS

Third place-Jaime Bias (30.3 pounds) JFS

As always, losing weight is one of the first steps for being healthier. Organizers congratulate all the participants and encourage everyone to eat healthier, drink more water and keep moving.

For more information, call 740-335-5910.

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