East Clinton FFA teaches students about agriculture


The East Clinton FFA Chapter has been busy wrapping up its school year, but most recently students throughout the chapter have had the opportunity to round-up their machinery, animals, and their knowledge in order to teach about the importance and significance of agriculture.

They started out on May 17 at New Vienna Elementary and then again on May 24 at the Sabina Elementary. On both days, several students were broken up into groups where they chose to spread safety awareness, including building safety, fire and chemical safety, animal safety, and general safety amongst the students.

Afterward the students had the opportunity to come outside and interact with different animals, ask any questions they had, and learn about some of the members and their animals/equipment. This annual event gives not only the students, but also several teachers, the chance to learn about something new, but it also allows teachers to teach the students about FFA, talk about stuff that they do, and what it means to be an FFA member.

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