Washington Fire Dept. reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

May 20 – 82 mile-marker US 35 Hwy

FD responded to a grass fire. FD extinguished the fire and cleared the scene.

May 17 – 1809 Columbus Ave.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. On arrival, no smoke or fire was showing. Firefighters checked the fire panel and were directed to room 212. Firefighters checked the room, and no problems were found. The alarm was caused by the occupant smoking in the room. Hotel management advised the occupant of the no smoking rules.

May 17 – 700 Block of S. Main St.

FD was requested for the smell of gas in the area. FD arrived on scene and checked the area with combustible gas meters. Nothing was detected. FD cleared the scene.

May 17 – US 35 E, 22/62 On Ramp

FD responded to a vehicle accident with injuries in a field near US 35 at the 22-62 exit. On arrival, firefighters found a single vehicle resting on its wheels in a drainage ditch. A bystander advised two occupants fled from the scene towards Home Depot. Firefighters advised dispatch and checked the vehicle for additional occupants. FD remained on scene until released by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

May 17 – 1118 S. Main St.

FD was requested for a carbon monoxide check. While responding, EMS was requested because the caller had symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Firefighters checked the house with a four-gas meter and no CO was detected. Firefighters checked the outside of the house and found the gas service was turned off at the meter. EMS evaluated the patient. Firefighters cleared the scene after EMS acquired refusal from the caller.

May 16 – Rt. 435 W

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office requesting mutual aid for Jefferson Township FD, first response for a two-vehicle accident. FD was notified while en route of confirmed entrapment. FD found both vehicles upright, on all four wheels and no smoke or fire at the time of arrival. Both vehicles sustained front-end damage, with one facing North and the second facing West and were located in/near the intersection to the Northbound Interstate entrance ramp. FD established a safe work area, controlled the flow of traffic by blocking the West and North lanes of traffic, performed patient extrication, controlled fluids leaking onto the roadway and assisted with general clean-up.

May 16 – 1141 S. North St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office requesting a first response for the Fayette County Life Squad. FD provided manpower.

May 12 – 1317 Forest St.

FD responded to an unknown smoke problem. While responding, dispatch advised of a dumpster that was smoking. On arrival, FD found a smoldering dumpster. Damage was contained to the melted dumpster lids. FD applied water to the dumpster to complete the extinguishment.

May 11 – 2109 Jenni Ln.

FD responded to a smoke alarm sounding in an apartment complex. The caller advised the alarm has been sounding all day. On arrival, there was no smoke or fire showing. Firefighters met with the caller, and they were unsure what unit the alarm was in. Firefighters checked the scene and located the alarm sounding in a dumpster. There were six discarded smoke alarms in the dumpster. Firefighters removed the batteries from all alarms and properly discarded the batteries.

May 11 – 825 Clinton Ave.

FD was requested to first respond for Fayette County EMS.

May 10 – 555 Glenn Ave.

Received call from facility management reporting a smoldering mulch fire, requesting assistance. FD found a two-foot by four-foot section of smoldering mulch located away from the building on an island at the time of arrival. FD found multiple discarded cigarettes in the burn area and extinguished the remaining smoldering mulch.

May 9 – 2902 Armbrust Road SW

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a single vehicle accident with airbag deployment. FD found the vehicle loaded onto a personal car-trailer with no smoke or fire at the time of arrival. FD established a safe area, controlled the flow of traffic, cleaned debris from the roadway and assisted other agencies on the scene. FD requested AES to be notified of damage to the utility pole.

May 9 – 1131 N. North St.

Received call reporting a flickering porch light on the neighbors’ residence, requesting it to be checked for safety. FD did not note any flickering or arching at the time of arrival. FD checked the light and circuit but did not find any problem or issue at the time of investigation. FD spoke with the complainants and noted the light appeared to flicker with passing vehicles. FD removed the bulb, shut off the breaker supplying power to the circuit and determined the flickering was the reflection of passing vehicles.