Shiltz chooses Balwdin Wallace


Washington High School senior Caden Shiltz made a very important decision regarding his future, as he signed his letter of intent to attend school and play football at Baldwin Wallace University on Tuesday, Feb. 7 in front of his family, friends, and coaches.

Shiltz was asked why he ultimately chose Baldwin Wallace over some of the other schools who were pursuing him, including Mount St. Joseph University and Capital University.

“I saw the biggest career opportunities there. I really like the way they operate, I like their whole coaching staff, and they’re really enthusiastic about what they do up there. I just saw the biggest career-wise options for me and my future.”

He was asked about what he plans to study at Baldwin Wallace.

“I’m going to major in national security with hopes of becoming an FBI agent. There’s a couple of guys on the team whose dads were in the FBI and one of the coaches used to be in the FBI, so that was just a win-win right there for me.”

Shiltz spoke about his favorite high school football memory.

“I would say the playoff game against Columbus South, when we came back and won. I don’t know how we did it, but we just came back and beat them. That was probably the most notable, memorable moment for me.”

Caden revealed that his favorite high school teacher is Mr. Dale Lynch.

“Mr. Lynch, he’s a great guy. I learned a lot from him. I love hearing him tell stories. He’s definitely my favorite high school teacher.

Shiltz ended by saying thanks to those who have helped him along the way.

“I want to thank all my coaches. There are too many names to count, so I would just say like to say thanks to all my coaches along the way. I want to thank my parents and my family, anybody who’s helped me when I was struggling. A big name that comes up is coach Trent (Williamson). I had never played linebacker before, and he taught me everything I needed to know and now I’m going to college to play linebacker. He had a huge impact on me.”

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