Local farmers win wheat yield contest


Seed Genetics Direct, the Eastern Corn Belt’s fastest-growing independent seed company, recently announced the winners of its annual Wheat Yield Contest. Cunningham and Foor LLC, out of Washington Court House, earned top bragging rights with a first-place finish of 144.11 bushels per acre yield.

Placing second was Jacob Cates of Williamsburg, In. with a yield of 93.78 bushels per acre. Gary Fritz of Modoc, In. earned third-place with a yield of 90.5 bushels per acre.

“We are beyond impressed with the entries we received and the winning yields,” said Todd Jeffries, vice president of Seed Genetics Direct. “The results reflect the hard work and tenacity of farmers. Our growers access top-of-the-line genetics and consistently adopt new practices to improve their wheat quality and yields.”

Cunningham and Foor planted AGI 217B, which also has the top four-year yield average in Ohio Wheat Performance Trials, on Sept. 29 at 1.5 million seeds per acre. They harvested on July 3 with a test weight of 59.2.

Both Cates and Fritz planted AGI 114, a variety with an excellent disease package that is known to work across a variety of soils. Cates planted 120 pounds per acre on Oct. 11 and harvested a test weight of 60.1 on June 29. Fritz planted 115 pounds per acre on Oct. 4 and also ended with a test weight of 60.1.

All winners will receive free seed in amounts ranging from $1,000-$2,500, as well as free herbicide in amounts from $750-$2,500.

Seed Genetics Direct, located in Jeffersonville, is again offering both AGI 217B and AGI 114 for the 2022 and 2023 growing seasons, as well as one returning and four new varieties. The lineup includes bearded and smooth wheat from very early to medium-full maturity. Orders placed before Sept. 1 receive an additional $2 off per unit.

A complete lineup, with pricing, is available by contacting Jeffries at [email protected].

Jimmy Cunningham (left) and Ron Foor of Cunningham and Foor LLC, out of Washington Court House.
https://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2022/08/web1_Jimmy-Cunningham-left-and-Ron-Foor-of-Cunningham-and-Foor-LLC.jpgJimmy Cunningham (left) and Ron Foor of Cunningham and Foor LLC, out of Washington Court House. Courtesy photo
Cunningham and Foor LLC win 1st place in Seed Genetics Direct competition

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