Washington Fire Department reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

July 5 — 21 Colonial Court

FD received call from occupant regarding the smell of smoke in the apartment. Upon arrival, no smoke or fire was visible from the structure. Upon entering the complainant’s unit, a strong odor of smoke was noted. FD searched all rooms in the unit and were not able to locate the source of the smoke/odor. FD performed a 360-degree exterior search of structure with no obvious signs of an active fire. FD checked the crawl space and utilized existing attic accesses but were unable to locate the source of the smoke and odor. FD advised all tenants housed in the structure to evacuate. PD double checked all units and located one additional person who was asleep and assisted with their evacuation. FD interviewed unit occupants and were advised that one individual had been burning in a small charcoal grill. FD spoke with the occupant who advised the grill had been placed in a locked storage locker at the rear exterior of the residence. FD checked inside the storage locker and found a small grill and a bag of ashes, both of which had been doused with water just prior to FD arrival. Both items were still warm to the touch. FD counseled the occupant of the adjoining unit regarding the dangers of burning and advised of the proper burning laws. FD checked all units within the building to ensure they had operable smoke detectors.

July 5 — 1211 Columbus Avenue

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office requesting a carbon-monoxide check. At the time of arrival, FD was advised by management of recurring illnesses with the staff while at work. FD investigation did find low levels of carbon-monoxide and did not detect any gas leaks. FD determined the lower oven was the source of the carbon-monoxide. FD shut off the power and gas supply to the bottom oven and assisted with ventilation. FD advised to have the oven, ventilation, hood, and carbon-monoxide detector checked/tested.

July 5 — 175 Halliday Way

Received call from occupants reporting smoke in the back hallway and gymnasium. Occupant advised there was no visible fire and thought the smoke was from an HVAC unit. Occupant also stated that the unit was believed to be turned off and the building was being aired out. FD did not find any smoke or fire at the time of arrival and were told by staff that they could not find any problems with the HVAC units. FD investigation determined RTU-7 (ground level unit) supplying the gymnasium and back hallway had a bearing issue within the motor. Occupant had already made contact with the service provider to have repairs made. FD shut down the electrical and gas supply to the unit and used look-out tag-out devices to isolate the unit. FD noted no alarms were transmitted or alerting occupants within the building.

July 5 — 114 East Newberry Street

Received call from occupant stating multiple powerlines down in the backyard. FD investigation determined the downed lines were all telecommunication lines.

July 5 — 553 Albin Avenue

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting arching powerlines with burning tree branches. FD found light smoke and no visible fire at the time of arrival. FD investigation found the tree grown into the powerlines with smoldering branches. FD requested AES to be dispatched. FD advised surrounding residents of the situation and advised there was nothing that could be safely done at the current time.

July 1 — Jamison Road intersection

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a two-vehicle accident with injuries. FD found both vehicles upright, on all four wheels with no smoke or fire showing at the time of arrival. FD established a safe work zone, confirmed there was no entrapment, and assisted the Fayette County Life Squad with patient packing, care and transport. FD provided aerial lighting, checked both vehicles for safety, cleaned fluids and debris from the roadway, and controlled the flow of traffic.

July 1 — 602 Carolyn Road

Received station stone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a burning complaint. FD found light smoke coming from an approved fire pit at the time of arrival. FD found smoldering rubbish during its investigation. FD advised the occupant of the burning rules and regulations and had the occupant extinguish the fire.

July 1 — 1537 Route 41 North

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a two-vehicle accident with injuries. FD found both vehicles upright and on all four wheels, both off the roadway with one facing north and the other facing south. FD noted no smoke, fire, or entrapment at the time of arrival and established a safe area controlling the flow of traffic. FD checked both vehicles for safety and were released by deputies to handle a dispatch to another incident.

June 29 — 767 Old Chillicothe Road

FD dispatched to small electrical fire in area of scales. No smoke or fire visible upon arrival. FD made contact with maintenance personnel who advised they were pressure washing the scale area and smoke began to emit from an exposed electrical conduit. Maintenance personnel applied a dry chemical extinguisher to the area prior to the arrival of FD. Maintenance personnel shut down electric to the area. FD verified electric was deenergized. Plant personnel removed a cover from the conduit in the basement and checked for any fire or smoke, which was not present.


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