ODH provides information on nationwide infant formula shortage

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is aware of the nationwide infant formula shortage and representatives have been communicating directly with formula manufacturers, who assure us they are working to meet the demand and address the shortage.

The Ohio WIC program, which is part of ODH, has been working to gather information about the impact of the shortage, specifically on families whose babies require specialty formula.

Many participants in the WIC program have medically complex needs and are on prescription formula. WIC works with dietitians and healthcare providers to find the best solution to keep these infants healthy.

The WIC program has implemented several strategies to help families during this time, including adding flexibility for formula choice and allowing different sized cans to be purchased for some impacted specialty formulas. At the local level, WIC staff are working closely with impacted participants to help them secure the appropriate formula, including contacting physicians and retail outlets to problem solve and identify additional options.

For families impacted by the infant formula shortage, ODH recommends:

Do not dilute your formula.

Consult with your infant/child’s healthcare provider for specific nutrition recommendations as they will know best what is right for your child.

Do not try to make homemade formula.

Call the store to ask about product availability.

If you do not see the formula you need on the shelf, consider kindly asking a store associate for assistance.

Consider talking to the pharmacy to ask for help if your child is on a specialized formula.

If your child is on a specialty or medical formula, call their healthcare provider to ask about adjusting their prescription to an appropriate alternative formula.

Those participating in WIC may contact their local WIC office for assistance.

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