Land Transfers

The following land transfers were released online:

Recorded March 7

Marcia Massie to Jeffrey and Sandra McCambridge, 95 Lincoln St., Bloomingburg, consideration $9,000.

Tammy and Tony Martindale to Mary Adair, 4321 Route 62 S.W., Concord Township, consideration $45,000.

Christopher and Kristine Fleming to Clinton Decker, 26 Fent St., Jeffersonville, consideration $18,000.

Carol Morrison to Brian and Crystal Oliver, 1038 Broadway St., consideration $144,000.

Perry and Ging Investments LLC to Angela Capehart, 32 Fent St., consideration $105,000.

Donald Braglin to Lane Lightle, 222 Fairview Ave., consideration $89,000.

Recorded March 4

George Lane to Ladonna and Richard Hudson, 244 Zimmerman Road S.E., Perry Township, consideration $75,000.

Recorded March 3

Kathy and Kenneth Berry to Tammy Griffith, 311 McElwain St., consideration $125,000.

Eldon and Patricia Vanmeter to Joshua Anderson, 214 McKinley Ave., consideration $50,000.

Barbara Fultz to Christina Snyder, a parcel of land in Washington C.H., Consideration $98,300.

Recorded March 2

Alyssa Overbee to Michelle Zavala, 1138 Spring Lake Ave., Union Township, consideration $230,200.

Gracie and Richard Matthews to JLB1 Properties LTD, 628 Gregg St., consideration $78,500.

Sugar Grove Lake LLC to Kristian Boltenhouse, 966 Staunton Sugar Grove Road, Perry Township, consideration $345,000.