‘Burn Awareness Week’ urges kitchen safety

COLUMBUS, Ohio – It is “National Burn Awareness Week” — a time to focus on preventing burn-related injuries, something Ohio State Fire Marshal Kevin Reardon says happens far too often in homes, adding that first responders in Ohio are called to deal with thousands of cases of burn-related injuries each year.

“In the United States, on average, about 400,000 people receive medical care for burn-related injuries and almost all of those are preventable through awareness,” he said.

This year, National Burn Awareness Week runs from Feb. 6-12, and this year’s theme is “Burning Issues in the Kitchen.”

“Avoiding distractions in the home and being aware of hot objects before touching them can go a long way in preventing an unnecessary hospital visit,” said Reardon.

A kitchen safety video is available for viewing on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvXbKteKRuA. In addition to this kitchen safety video, the State Fire Marshal offers tips to stay safe and avoid common contact burn injuries:

—Maintain a “kid-free zone” of at least three-feet around a stove or grill.

—Supervise children around hot objects at all times.

—Assume all pots and pans are hot, and handle with caution.

—Prevent splatter burns by using a lid.

—Unplug all appliances when not in use. Keep them away from children.

—Treat burns with cool water for 3-5 minutes, cover with a clean, dry cloth, and seek medical help right away.

For more information, visit com.ohio.gov/fire and for more information on Burn Awareness Week, or for additional safety tips, visit the American Burn Association website.

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