Land transfers


The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded May 28

Anna Dean, Annie Dean, Gary Lee Dean, Gary Ray Dean, John Dean, John D. Dean, Larry Dean, Larry Lee Dean, Larry Ray Dean and Mitzie Dean, Connie and Dale Page to Amanda and Trevor Dean, 2961 Hess Road N.E., Marion Township, consideration $105,500.

Ryan and Tanner Barrett to Steven Bullis, 528 Carolyn Road, consideration $130,000.

Mark Edwards and Kevin Frisby to Chaz Overbee, 528 E. Temple St., consideration $72,000.

Melody and William Hay to Southern Ohio Holding Organization LLC, 67 Lincoln St., Bloomingburg, consideration $15,000.

Jesse Coblentz and Oksana Penner to Mystella and Shelby Wiggers, 299 Fishback Road, Perry Township, consideration $143,000.

Recorded May 27

Branen L Weade Properties LLC to Ashton and Noelle Flowers, 936 Briar Ave., consideration $146,000.

Christopher and Siobann Stoughton to Elizabeth and Eric Nicholson, 1385 Paint Township, consideration $335,000.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Fayette Metropolitan Housing Authority, 905 Vine St., consideration $172,500.

Recorded May 26

JLB1 Properties LTD to Deborah Fields, 915 Vine St., consideration $169,900.

Fleak Brothers Farm Drainage LLC to Joshua Massie, 66 Main St., Bloomingburg, consideration $195,000.

Recorded May 25

Joseph and Melissa Roush to Elizabeth Bennett, 1242 Rawlings St., consideration $70,000.

WJH LLC to Ginger and Michael Castle, 1134 Red Mile Boulevard, consideration $239,500.

Recorded May 24

Christina and Joshua Massie to Brooklyn and Jacob Howard, 5972 Route 22 S.E., Union Township, consideration $152,000.

David and Sharyn Browning, Kathie Hynds, to Miller Family Land LLC, 3768 Union Township, consideration $60,200.

Recorded May 21

Gregory and Marla Mullins to Laura and Ryan Garrison, 1142 Staunton Sugar Grove Road, Perry Township, consideration $507,700.

JDUB Enterprises LLC to Gary and Madison Towler, 604 Columbus Ave., consideration $238,000.

Recorded May 20

Lori and Scott Bolender, 152 Eastview Road, consideration $139,900.

Barbara, Cynthia, Gregory, Jeffrey, Larry, Lu Ann, Scott and Wynona Detty to JLB1 Properties, 5 and 6 Jeffersonville Main St., consideration $25,000.

Recorded May 19

WJH LLC to Rebecca and Thomas Butcher, 1194 Red Mile Boulevard, consideration $228,500.

Crown Property Development Inc to Quick Service Realco LLC, land in Jefferson Township—parcel number 06001500003200, consideration $600,000.

Quick Service Realco LLC to Trinity Holdings LLC, land in Jefferson Township—parcel number 06001500003200 , consideration $900,000.

Recorded May 18

Nancy and Joseph O’Neil to Dale and Lisa Peter, 4288 Marion Township Bloomingburg-New Holland Road, consideration $70,000.

BTS Two LLC to W&L Apple Properties LLC, 2312 Route 22 S.W., consideration $684,500.

Recorded May 17

Charles Stevens to Jennifer Camp, 3084 Parrott Station Road S.W., Jefferson Township, consideration $135,000.