Washington Fire Department reports

The Washington Fire Department recently responded to the following:


STOVE FIRE CHECK: 2:09 p.m., 742 John St. – Received call from a home health nurse reporting the client had a stove fire earlier in the day and requested the FD to check it. FD found the stove pulled out from the wall and unplugged with significant fire damage to the walls, ceiling and cabinets located above and beside the stove upon entering the kitchen. FD investigation did not locate any hidden fire or other fire spread, but did note smoke damage throughout the kitchen and down the hallway. Occupant reported neither of the smoke detectors down the hallway or in the bedroom activated. FD checked both smoke detectors for proper operation. Uncertain of the timing, the fire occurred between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on or in the range top with the occupant extinguishing the fire. The occupants’ facial and extremity burns were evaluated by the registered nurse from the providing home health service on the scene.

STUCK IN ELEVATOR: 8:31 a.m., 1225 Gregg St. – Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting an individual stuck in the elevator. FD did not note any alarm(s) and was informed by the officer from the Washington Police Department that the elevator was vacant at the time of arrival. FD found the elevator door partially ajar with no response from potential occupants. FD found the elevator car empty after gaining access. FD and facility staff checked the elevator in building one and later located the complainant elsewhere in the facility. FD assisted maintenance personnel with resetting the elevator and tested its operation.


WELFARE CHECK: 7:01 p.m., 143 1/2 N. Main St. – Received request to assist PD with a welfare check.

VEHICLE FIRE: 12:29 a.m., Kenskill Avenue – Received report of a vehicle fire at Sugar Creek Packing. On arrival FD was unable to locate any fire. Dispatch then advised the location was at the intersection of Kenskill and Companion. On arrival FD found a vehicle burning in the engine compartment into the passenger area. It was determined that the fire started in the left side of the engine compartment and burnt into the passenger compartment from there. Occupant stated she was driving from Sugar Creek Packing. She heard a popping noise and discovered the fire when she stopped and lifted the hood.


ILLEGAL BURN: 9:42 a.m., 1343 N. North St. – Received call from neighbor reporting an illegal burn. FD found moderate smoke conditions coming from a pile of building material burning. FD stood-by while the occupant extinguished the fire and advised the occupant of the burning laws and regulations.

ILLEGAL BURN: 11:40 a.m., 1278 Bloomingburg-New Hollland Rd. – Received complaint of an illegal burn. FD found a moderate sized pile of tree limbs and light smoke at the time of arrival.

VEGETATION FIRE: 11:41 a.m., 2770 Old St. Rt. 38 – Received call reporting large piles of trees being burnt. FD found multiple large piles of trees and natural vegetation taken down on the property and along the railway running adjacent to the runway/taxi-way with moderate smoke and fire conditions visible at the time of arrival. FD spoke to a representative of the airport and was advised the operation was being overseen by the Fayette County Engineers Office. FD referred the incident to the fire chief/inspector for follow-up.