Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Feb. 10

JLB1 Properties LTD to Cory Loyd, 1219 S. Hinde St., consideration $157,500.

Fries Real Estate Holdings LLC to Thompson Acquisitions LLC, 207 Glenn Ave., consideration $150,000.

Mossbarger and Smithson CPA Inc to Sandra and William Sowash, 1841 Beacon St., consideration $195,000.

Sandra and William Sowash to Karen Singleton, 1380 Courtney Drive, consideration $215,000.

Jayson Gordon to Sugar Grove Lake LLC, 966 Staunton Sugar Grove Road, Perry Township, consideration $50,000.

Recorded Feb. 8

Karen Kessler to Sarah Crouch, 2426 Barrett Road, Perry Township, consideration $78,500.

Joshua and Kathryn Houck to Kyle and Stephanie Leisure, 7060 Upper Jamestown Road N.E., Jefferson Township, consideration $387,500.

Lee and Sarah Christoffers to Ashley and Timothy Bertaux, 702 Eastern Avenue, consideration $173,900.

Stephanie and Troy McDonald to Jasmin and Tyler Hurley, 4139 Route 41 N.W., Union Township, consideration $605,000.

Recorded Feb. 5

Patricia Brown to Thelina Cortes, 612 Campbell St., consideration $79,900.

Amanda and Tony Johnson to MPJM Properties LLC, 1556 Washington Ave., consideration $85,000.

Hermenegildo Santos to Isabel Mondragon, 7134 Route 753, Wayne Township, consideration $15,000.

Recorded Feb. 4

Jason and Michelle Moore to Jennifer Miller, 1148 Rawlings Street, consideration $110,000.

Recorded Feb. 1

Donald and Marguerite Zurface to Haley Boswell, 4663 Robinson Road S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $256,000.