Grasping the knowledge we need

Last week I mentioned that our world is created in our mind. That is a biblical principle. “As a man thinks so is he.” Whatever we allow our mind to dwell on will be seen in our life. If these thoughts consume us, they can become our identity. So if I am thinking on things that are deceiving, soon I will not be able to differentiate between truth and fiction.

With the internet accessible to almost everyone around the world, we cannot think that everything we read on it will give us the knowledge we need to navigate through life. Many things are true and valuable on the internet but other things are just opinions and propaganda. If I am to make proper life decisions I need knowledge of the facts, not opinions or propaganda.

Most people, whether they know it or not, think mostly on negative things. The news we gravitate to is negative news. That is human nature and we all have a tendency to do it. We cannot live a positive life if all we feed our mind are negative thoughts. Knowledge is veiled by allowing this to happen. The knowledge we need to make right decisions must be based on facts if we are to achieve the best outcome. The fruit that Adam and Eve ate, which resulted in them being expelled from paradise, came from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. From that day all of mankind has the ability to know good from evil.

The main reason we do not have the right knowledge is that we want something else to be so. If I want my gas tank to be full of gasoline I will have fill it up and then park my car. If I drive my car and expect the gas tank to remain full, I will be stranded along the road. Just because I want something does not mean that it is going to happen. Simple knowledge is that if you drive a car you will have to put gasoline in it. That almost sounds ridiculous, but without putting knowledge into practice people’s lives will be stranded just like that car.

Thinking on good things removes the veil and we can grasp the knowledge we need. Paul told the Philippians: “Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, meditate on these things.” Do this and you can gain the knowledge you need to create an unbelievable life. Good things lead us to a good Heavenly Father who is the creator of all good things.

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Pastor John Pfeifer

By John G. Pfeifer

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