Getting crafty for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not far away — Feb. 14 is the day! Soon, there will be hearts everywhere. Let’s draw some and do our part!

We will learn many kinds of lines and some will look like designs! Add coloring in a few places just for fun, before we are done!


-2 white papers (one is for practice if needed)


-crayons, markers and/or colored pencils


Can you draw a heart? If not, first follow the instructions at the top of diagram 1. Practicing with a regular pencil. You will fill up a white paper by drawing hearts all over it.

Draw the hearts in a lot of different ways. Draw them big, medium and small. Turn the hearts in different directions. In some places let your hearts lay over other ones (or inside) to overlap (bottom of diagram 1)!

Next, we need to learn about “lines.” A line is a continuous mark. Lines are also one of the “Seven Elements of Art and Design.” Every time you make something, you have lines as part of its construction.

Watch this fun YouTube video from Scratch Garden: “The Lines Song | Art Songs | Scratch Garden” at

Now, we fill up some of the hearts with different kinds of lines using colored pencils, markers, and/or crayons. If you forgot some of the lines in the video look at the worksheet (diagram 2).

Color a few of the hearts in here and there to add contrast and for a little fun! You could also lightly color the background to make the artwork look more complete (diagram 3).

Diagram 2 2 Courtesy photos

Diagram 3 3 Courtesy photos

Diagram 1 1 Courtesy photos

Submitted by Rebecca Pope

Cherry Hill Primary Art Educator