Council thanks city crews for clearing roads

At Wednesday’s Washington Court House City Council meeting, various council members took a moment to thank the crews who are keeping roads as clear as possible during the wintry weather.

According to City Manager Joe Denen, the snow being collected within the city is being placed in the parking lot of Washington Park. Basically, snow is being dumped in the parking lot and is then pushed into an organized pile.

“The snow is beautiful. Having experienced it this year, it would be nice if we didn’t have to experience it anymore,” said Denen. “We have been moving a tremendous amount of snow. I’d like to thank the street department for their efforts.”

According to Denen, a lot of the people working on the roads are younger following retirements, and these younger people have probably never experienced this much snow at once.

“This is the most snowfall in all we’ve had in quite a long time, but they are out there getting a great deal of experience,” said Denen.

The only legislation addressed during the meeting was the passage of three ordinances that allow Denen to abate a public nuisance at 111 S. Fayette St., 113 S. Fayette St., and 147 E. Court St.

As previously reported, a nuisance is caused within a city if a property is dangerous, in a state of disrepair, is uninhabitable, decreases local property value or decreases the enjoyment of the lives of surrounding neighbors. An abatement of nuisance is a way for the city to handle the situation while charging the owner of the property.

Also during the meeting, Denen and council addressed COVID-19 vaccines.

“The folks at the health department and pharmacists in town, folks that are doing everything that they can for you with vaccinations, they are limited on the number of doses that they get. But they’re doing everything they can and doing it honestly and competently,” said Denen. “We need to exercise a little bit of patience.”

Council member Steve Shiltz explained he received his first dose of the vaccine and has had no side effects except for a sore arm for about a day.

“The way that I look at it, is the side effects that you have with this vaccination is a lot better than taking my chances dying from COVID,” said Shiltz.

According to the council, teachers from local school districts will be receiving their vaccines late this week if they choose.

As previously reported, this week is expected to be the county’s biggest week yet for COVID vaccinations for individuals who are 75-years-old and older. Fayette County Public Health staff have been operating mass vaccination clinics for those who are receiving their second doses, those who are receiving their first doses, as well as two closed clinics for K-12 schools.

Denen said, “You need to (continue thinking about) virus precautions. I know that we all hoped by now we’d be done with it, but we’re not and probably won’t be for some time. But that is something we need to keep slogging through together.”

Mental health and teen suicide rates were topics brought up by council member Jim Blair. He explained he commends the local school systems for getting students back in school and keeping them within the physical school environment as much as possible.

Council member Caleb Johnson agreed with Blair and said that both teachers and counselors do such a great job, and that online instruction makes providing mental health care difficult.

Council member Kendra Redd-Hernandez and a handful of council members wished one another a Happy Valentine’s Day as it is coming up this Sunday.

Washington Court House City Council meetings are located in the second floor council chambers of the City Administration Building, 105 N. Main Street. The meetings are streamed on the YouTube channel “City of Washington Court House, Ohio” at Currently, meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month at 9:30 a.m.

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Crews have been placing collected snow from city streets in the parking lot of Washington Park off Eyman Park Drive. have been placing collected snow from city streets in the parking lot of Washington Park off Eyman Park Drive. Jennifer Woods | Record-Herald photo

By Jennifer Woods

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