Tigers win j-v, freshman games against Blue Lions

On Friday, Jan. 8, the Washington Blue Lion boys freshman and junior-varsity basketball teams hosted the Tigers of McClain High School.

McClain won the j-v game, 37-19 and also the freshman game, 24-13.

In the junior-varsity game, John Wall and Noah Hicks led the Blue Lions, each with six points.

A.J. Dallmayer scored four, Calum Brown had two points and Kyland Howard scored one.

For McClain, Seth Wise led the game with 16 points.

Evann Mischal scored nine points, including hitting two threes; Andrew Potts had four points; Trey Badgley and Andrew Newland both scored three points and David Edwards scored two.

McClain led 10-1 at the end of the first quarter.

At the half, the Tigers were in front, 18-12.

After three quarters of play, McClain was on top, 24-16.

The Tigers scored 13 points in the fourth quarter to three for the Blue Lions.

McClain was 5 of 16 from the free throw line for 31 percent. The Blue Lions made 3 of 6 free throw attempts.

In the freshman game, Coleden May led the Blue Lions with eight points.

Bryce Yeazel scored three points (one three-point field goal) and Gabe Wightman scored two.

For McClain, Drake Stapleton and Andrew Potts each scored nine points. Stapleton had one three-point field goal.

Seth Weller scored four and Isaiah Irvin and Max Eikenberry both had one point.

McClain led 4-0 at the end of the first quarter.

It was 10-2 in favor of the Tigers at halftime.

By the end of the third quarter, McClain was in front, 13-9.

The Tigers won the fourth quarter, 11-4.

McClain was 7 of 13 from the free throw line for 54 percent.

Washington was 2 of 4 from the line.

By Chris Hoppes

[email protected]