Land Transfers

The following land transfers were recently released online:

Recorded Dec. 15

Moon Family Trust and Moon Kenneth Trust to Moon Farms Ohio Partnership LTD, 11846 and 11326 W. Lancaster Road N.E., Jefferson Township, consideration $2,743,600.

Recorded Dec. 14

Barbara and Dan Summers to Rocky Glacier Properties LLC, 220 Fourth St., consideration $25,000.

Sean and Tracy Peoples to Courtney and Garrett Stickel, 5087 Route 41 N.W., Jefferson Township, consideration $156,500.

Octa Retail LLC to NNN Octa LLC, 9021 W. Lancaster Road, Jefferson Township, consideration $1,589,100.

Shawnya Mahorney to Anita Boyd, 1101 S. North St., consideration $154,900.

Landbaron Central Ohio South LLC to Fairway 57 Holdings LLC, 44 Colonial Drive, consideration $1,550,000.

Recorded Dec. 10

Pamela and Terry Kitchen to Cynthia and Darrell Coffman, 2700 Warrior Court, Union Township, consideration $140,000.

Dwayne and Tamela Morris to Lawrence Friel, 3760 Coil Lane, Jasper Township, consideration $185,000.

Amanda and Blake Cannon to Sarah Armstrong, 635 Warren Ave., consideration $195,000.

Kirk Smith to Malcolm Miller and Megan Myers-Miller, 1219 Washington Ave., consideration $127,000.

Recorded Dec. 9

Richard Dossenbach to Michael Knisley, 1010 Willard St., consideration $63,000.

Dara and Thad Barker to Samantha Cooper and Kevin Pierce, 7631 White Oak Road N.E., Madison Township, consideration $124,000.

Recorded Dec. 8

Conti. Andrew IRA and Equity Trust Co Custodian FBO to Foundation First Properties LLC and Sandbox Holdings LLC, 123 E. Court St., consideration $86,700.

Recorded Dec. 7

Asher Development LLC to Alexia Bennett, 10 Washington High St., consideration $42,500.

RPM 1 LLC to Joseph and Larissa Ralston, 19 Wayne St., Bloomingburg, consideration $192,000.

Diana and Guy Thompson to Emily and Michael Brislin, 605 Charlotte Court, consideration $155,000.

Levi and Taylor Fortner to Jacob and Kelsey Arledge, 6734 Upper Jamestown Road, Jefferson Township, consideration $155,000.

Recorded Dec. 4

Karen Eitel to Donald Morrow, 6451 Ghormley Road S.E., Wayne Township, consideration $100,000.

JLB1 Properties LTD to Chad and Krystyn Mitchell, 1311 Shoemaker Drive, consideration $245,000.

Kirk and Michelle Stuckey to Scott and Valerie Bennett, 2247 Greenfield Sabina Road, Green Township, consideration $75,000.

Recorded Dec. 3

Alexandra and Matthew Stiffler to Nathan Campbell, 531 Columbus Ave., consideration $88,000.

Recorded Dec. 2

Jane and Michael Henry to Pamela Melvin, land in Union Township, consideration $42,500.

Halliday Development Inc to Terry Adkins and Lisa Minzler, lot 31 Felmar subdivision, consideration $54,000.

Recorded Dec. 1

PB Properties Management LLC to Imaek Investments LLC, 1126 Gregg St., Washington C.H., consideration $37,500.

Recorded Nov. 25

Matthew and Molly Pettit to Joshua and Kathryn Houck, 1028 Mt Olive Road N.W., Union Township, consideration $674,000.

Chad and Kelley Sever to Traci Johnson, 516 Kathryn St., Washington C.H., consideration $97,000.