City: Shop local, be responsible this holiday season

At this week’s Washington Court House City Council meeting, several council members along with City Manager Joe Denen encouraged the community to shop local and to be responsible during the pandemic as virus cases rise.

Council member Kendra Redd-Hernandez said, “The biggest thing I love about our community is we always take care of each other. I’ve seen a little bit of slack from that, and I just hope that people realize that wearing a mask is for, not just their benefit, but for their neighbor, their grandma, their children, whoever it is. I know we’re better than that. I’ve seen us come and rally around people when they’ve lost family members or they’ve lost their house. So, I’d just like us to realize this is an opportunity to do that again. Last, is just support local — support our local restaurants, support our local retail, anything you can support locally first. I know that’s challenging sometimes depending on who you’re shopping for, but I don’t want to see us lose any restaurants or any little businesses. I love how we are currently, and I’d like to maintain that as much as possible. Just take care of each other.”

In other news from council, four resolutions were placed on second reading and adopted.

The first time legislation is seen and approved by council it is placed on a first reading and the second time on a second reading. Adoption of resolutions can occur once they have been placed on the second reading. Adoption of ordinances can occur once they have been placed on the third reading.

Two of those resolutions allows Denen to enter into two different agreements. The first agreement is with JRG Consulting LLC, an enterprise advisory group, for professional services.

The second agreement is with the Union Township Trustees of Fayette County for fire protection services through the city. The city currently provides fire protection to Union Township (which Washington C.H. is located within) by contract. That contract can now be renewed and extended through Dec. 31 of 2025.

The third resolution appoints Susan Wollscheid to the Fayette County Metropolitan Housing Authority for a term ending Dec. 31 of 2025.

The final resolution authorizes Denen to enter into a contract with Stoops Western Star of Ohio for a state bid purchase of a 2020 Western Star dump truck.

Five ordinances were placed on second reading.

Two of those ordinances if passed, would allow two alleys to be vacated. As previously reported and according to, vacating an alley means the public is letting go of, or “vacating,” the public interest in a property. Once vacated, the public no longer has a right to use that section of alley.

One alley is between 501 and 505 S. Elm St. which is located behind Ranchers Roast Beef. The second alley is between 213 and 219 Draper St. which is a short section of alley that passes between the Vapors store and the building that once housed a hair salon across from Kroger, according to Washington Court House Building and Zoning Inspector Rod Bryant.

Two ordinances, if passed, would allow Denen to abate public nuisances at 710 Clinton Ave. and 422 Broadway St. As previously reported, a nuisance is caused within a city if a property is dangerous, in a state of disrepair, is uninhabitable, decreases local property value or decreases the enjoyment of the lives of surrounding neighbors. An abatement of nuisance is a way for the city to handle the situation while charging the owner of the property.

The final ordinance, if passed, would allow a prior piece of legislation to be amended. The legislation provides supplemental appropriations for current expenses and expenditures of the city.

Also during the meeting, two new ordinances were heard and placed on first reading. The first of those new ordinances, if passed, would amend an ordinance from 2019 to provide supplemental appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the city. The second of those ordinances, if passed, would make appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the city during the fiscal year of 2021.

“We’ve all seen the infection numbers. So folks, please think about making an effort to make a difference with the virus. Especially in the season that we’re in, the more that you can do for your fellow folks that we’re here together with, the better off we all are,” said Denen. “Merry Christmas!”

Washington Court House City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays during November and December at 9:30 a.m. They are located in the second floor council chambers of the City Administration Building, 105 N. Main Street. The meetings are streamed on the YouTube channel “City of Washington Court House, Ohio” at

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By Jennifer Woods

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