Fayette County Public Health conducted the following restaurant and food inspections, according to reports filed with the department.

Oct. 16

Pettits Car Shine drive thru, 1225 E. Temple Street. Standard inspection. Violations: Several food items inside of the pizza cooler were found past the seven days after preparation: two turkey American subs, one turkey swiss sub, sausages, four gourmet beef hot dogs. Also the mozzarella cheese was not date marked, all foods kept in a food establishment more than 24 hours must be date marked, refrigerated perishable foods must be discarded in seven days to minimize the growth of pathogens. Staff discarded there items immediately, the person in charge is not trained in food safety, one person per shift should be trained in food safety, the shelves inside of the walk-in cooler were found with an accumulation of soil residues, non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned at a frequency necessary to keep them clean, the bathroom was found with an accumulation of soil residues on walls, floor and sink, the hand sink inside of the restroom was no provided with a waste receptacle.

Love’s travel stop #352, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection, process review inspection. Violations: A few items in a hot holding state were found below 135 degrees at the food station located in the retail side, a pancake sausage was found at 120 degrees and a Monterrey cheese tornadoes was found at 122 degrees, staff adjusted the temperature in the warmer and threw away the pancake sausage, the Monterrey cheese tornadoes were recently set in warmer therefore they were rechecked after a few minutes and were at 145 degrees, a few coffee containers were found stored in an unclean metal rack near the service window in Hardees, the microwaves and cabinets were found with an accumulation of soil residue at the food station on retail side, also the fan guards in the walk in cooler had an accumulation of soil residue on retail side, the sink near the food station on retail side was found inoperable, also the sandwich station in Hardees is still not functioning as intended therefore they are still using the reach-in cooler portion for storage and the sandwich preparation area is still holding food items time without temperature control. Management stated that they are still in the process of replacing this unit, a stained ceiling tile found above prep area, the walls near the three compartment sink and utility items were found with soil residues, a refrigerator located inside of the storage room closet was found inoperable, retail food establishments in operation prior to March 1, 2001 may continue to use existing equipment that are in good repair, if found not in good repair the equipment must be replaced with commercial equipment that is NSF approved.

Oct. 15

Super Sport Pizza and Wings, 1155 Storybrook Dr. Pre-licensing inspection. Violations: Waste receptacles were not found for the handwash sinks inside the main kitchen area and storage area, management stated that they are in the process of obtaining them, it is recommended to have the cracks in the floor throughout facility be filled with caulking or something similar to allow easy cleaning.

Oct. 14

El Canon Restaurant of Fayette County, 1381 Leesburg Ave. Complaint inspections. Violations: Received complaint from fire department on chicken and shrimp thawing (raw) together in sink. Went in facility Sunday morning, person in charge said chicken and shrimp were thawing for five hours in sink, no water running on them. Bother chicken and shrimp were at 60 degrees, person in charge threw away chicken and shrimp in question and threw bleach over the product, talked to person in charge about proper thawing procedures and cold holding temps, the facility left beans on stove causing smoke/fire the fire department responded to.

Oct. 11

Fairfield Inn & Suites, Jeffersonville. Follow-up inspection. Violations: Food items inside of the reach-in cooler are all now properly date marked, all toxic substances or cleaning agents are properly labeled and easily identified, the dry food containers are all now labeled properly and easily identified, the food containers and dishes stored in the kitchen area on the shelf are all now stored properly, the cabinets located in the dining/breakfast area are all now clean to sight and touch, the dry food items are stored in main kitchen area on a non-easily cleanable surface, non-food contact surfaces must be designed to allow easy cleaning.

Subway, 17 Fayette Center. Follow-up inspection. Violations: The food handlers were observed washing their hands in between tasks and before donning gloves again, thank you, the microwaves are now clean to sight and touch.