Mrs. Jenkins’ kindergartners ‘Make Thanksgiving Dinner’


Mrs. Jenkins’ Cherry Hill Primary Kindergarten class recently explained how they make a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Everyone is coming. Turkey goes in the oven. When it is done it pops and take it out. Everyone brings food and we put it on the table and eat.

— Kaia

I would hunt for the turkey. Warm it up in the air fryer. I would then make the pie. It has to be cherry pie. Then peal the mashed potatoes with a knife and cook them in a pan. Everyone also gets 2 pieces of gum.

— Adilyn B.

Put a turkey in the oven. First you take the feathers off. Cook mashed potatoes by cutting them and putting them in the oven.

— Ayden C.

Make potatoes with a pot. Bake a turkey. Then mash the potatoes. I mix it up. Take the turkey out. That is it.

— Enrique

Chicken and apple pie and mashed potatoes. Make it with ingredients. I don’t know what ingredients. Make it in bowls. Cook it. Chicken always cooks for 2 or 7 or 9 minutes. Mix the mashed potatoes because we do that. Put sugar on top of the apple pie. Sometimes we do salt the chicken. We need crust for apple pie. We put the mashed potatoes in the microwave. Now we are done.

— Brynlee

Kill the turkey or you can buy it. Put it in the oven for 54 minutes. Take the bones out. Wait for it to cool off and then you eat it. Make macaroni and cheese with water. Put it in the stove or microwave. Put it on for 3:33 minutes. Invite some family over that will bring green beans and other food. Set the table. Make sure you have something to drink then sit down to say a prayer and eat the food. Then we have desert.

— Rylan

Uh, you get turkeys, and some grapes. You mix them up. Then you add sugar. Then get baking powder, and mix it up again. Put some milk. Put some eggs. Add some hotdogs. Then put it on plates. Then you eat it up.

— Lydia

Umm…? Turkey, pie, pie, pie, chocolate hearts, mashed potatoes. I like my mashed potatoes! But, I don’t know how to cook it. You put it in the oven but not the chocolate hearts!

— Talon

First I get a turkey from the farm. Then we take the turkey home and wash it off. We then put the turkey in the oven and pray and eat. Cut potatoes. Mac and cheese. Get some cheese. Put some water in it. Put it in the oven and we pray and eat. Lemonade to drink! Definitely sweet green beans! Rice and steak! Jello for dessert!

— Karyus

We celebrate Thanksgiving. All of our family come together and we create, we draw, we paint things for Thanksgiving.

— Yulisa

You buy a turkey. You take the turkey home. Then you get the ingredients to make it super good for Thanksgiving. Then you take it out of the oven. After that you put it on a pan. And after that you let it cool off. Then you eat it!

— Rowen

With ice cream and a heart and a picture of Granny. Cake and then a bag and a heart bucket. Then put it in a bag and give it to Granny. And then give everyone hand sanitizer.

— Ayden P.

Put the turkey in the oven and then bake it and then you eat it. And after make some eggs. You boil them and then you eat that and you have to be nice on Thanksgiving to all your friends and you have people over and that’s who you be nice to.

— Madelyn

I’m going to have a Thanksgiving Party. Going have bouncy houses outside with cows and a live guitar band. Going to play music during party. Anyone who is needing a Free dinner and nowhere to go classmates, family etc. are able to come. All people need to bring a dish of food. I’ll be having lunch meat, turkey, a baked turkey, hamburgers, pizza, and it be very Fun party. Happy Thanksgiving!

— Noah

Hold the turkey and put it in the oven. Take it out and eat it. Then poop out the turkey. Eat lots of cake and take a nap.

— Jaxson

You make a turkey by going to the store and buying one. Then asking of our friends to come. Of course we need dessert. Pumpkin pie!

— Paisley

You put the turkey in the oven. Put butter, cook everything. Get it out and eat dinner. Then pies and share with everyone. Mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

— Ryatt

We put it in the oven and then you wait for it to cook. And then when the timer goes off you take it out. And then we eat mashed potatoes and turkey. And then we celebrate. And then we drink pink lemonade and say this is the best Thanksgiving ever. And we love you.

— Genevieve

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