‘The Voices of Veterans’ program highlights Genealogical Society meeting


Harry Wright presented two more segments of his program series, “The Voices of Veterans,” at the June 18 meeting of the Fayette County Genealogical Society.

This series consists of stories and interviews of veterans of Fayette County collected on video. “Victory Riders” was the first segment, which featured motorcycle riding veterans who enjoy riding their bikes, but most of all use this love of cycles to help veterans and their families along with other worthy causes in the county. The members of Victory Riders shared their experiences of sponsoring fund-raising rides and events that support their causes. These bikers are veterans from several of United States’ armed forces and have served in peace and war. If any veteran in the county is a biker and would like to join the Victory Riders, they would love to have you as member. They would especially like to have younger biker veterans join their ranks. You can reach the Victory Riders by contacting the American Legion.

Fayette County is very fortunate to have the Honor Guard to give a military service to every veteran upon his or her death if desired by the family. During the “Honor Guard” segment of the evening’s program the veterans who serve on the Honor Guard demonstrated how they care for the guns used for the 21-gun salute. During interviews the veterans who perform these last rights ceremonies gave heartfelt testimonies as to what this work means to them and how much it means to the families of the veterans. It was again stressed that any veteran would be very welcome to join this honorable tribute to our veterans. If you are a veteran and interested in serving with the Honor Guard, contact the American Legion.

Harry Wright is known for his work with our local radio station, WCHO, and local television. Harry, along David Woolever, also gave the Society background on how the series, “Voices of Veterans,” originated, and how and why it was made. It was made simply to give our veterans recognition and chance to talk about their service. David Woolever works with Harry and manages the technology.

On July 14, the Fayette County Genealogical Society will meet at 10 a.m. at the front gate of the Bloomingburg Cemetery. Mike Ferguson, who maintains the cemetery, will be giving a demonstration on cleaning and resetting tombstones. So, if you want to know what to do about an ancestor’s tombstone that’s so stained you can’t read it or that needs repaired, come join us. After this demonstration members and guests are invited to a cookout at the home of Glenn and Phyliss Rankin, 5024 State Route 729, Sabina. Call Glenn at 740-505-9335 for directions. Bring side dishes. Drinks and the main course will be provided.

If you would like information concerning the Fayette County Genealogical Society, membership, or any of its meetings contact Cathy Massie White at [email protected] or 740-333-7227.

David Woolever (left) works with Harry Wright on the “Voices of Veterans” series.
http://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2018/07/web1_HarryAndDude.jpgDavid Woolever (left) works with Harry Wright on the “Voices of Veterans” series.

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