Washington Garden Club busy this season


Washington Garden Club’s spring has blossomed for sure. The members are busy cleaning and planting flower beds after the cold, long winter weeks.

The members traveled recently to an all-day event, “Renew for Spring.” The day was attended by Region 16, consisting of seven counties: Fayette, Highland, Greene, Madison, Highland, Clinton and Warren. Seventy-five members enjoyed the day. Steve Boehme lectured on 10 tips to follow when changing or improving your landscape.

The event was held in Hillsboro at the Ponderosa Banquet Center and 75 members spent the day together. The members enjoyed shopping at all the sales tables. Several clubs had raffled for gift baskets – 10 different themes on each gift basket. The winners were drawn at the end of the day.

The afternoon program included Vivian Phankoch, “Herbs and how to use them.” She was full of knowledge of the use and how to grow each one, and how to prepare each one. She reviewed 25 specimens of examples of oils, creams, vinegar, dried, fresh and the uses of each herb specimen. The door prizes were drawn as well as the winners of the gift baskets.

Washington and Fayette Garden Clubs announced they would be hosting the Oct. 11 event at the Fine Arts Building on the Fayette County Fairgrounds. The two clubs will meet June 5 at Linda Warfield’s home on Limestone Street in Jamestown. They will work to pick a theme for the day, and decorations and programs for the morning and afternoon. They will also search for a caterer.

Region 16 has a “WOW” event coming at the end of June. The clubs have been working on hosting and the registration of the annual event with the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, State Convention. The appointed chairman, Barbara Myers, has held several meetings appointing volunteers co-chairmen of each area. This annual event will be themed “Four Seasons.” It will be held at Deer Creek State Park and Conference Center. The event will include programs at each meal time, annual awards will be given out, garden workshops will be held, and there will be an afternoon of garden tours.

The tours will be held in Washington C.H. and Jamestown. The members will review two sites in each city. Washington Cemetery will be one of the tours. It has a beautiful 20 feet fountain with three levels, with falling water into a pool. Benches are circled around for a place to rest.

The group will travel to Jamestown to tour the “English Gardens.” The Region’s members will also be in charge of the Lodge’s Lobbies decorations following the “Four Seasons Theme.” They are creating table centerpieces for each meal and favors for each member. The event starts Monday, June 25 through Wednesday, June 27.

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